Dinner at Stratta and Clubbing at Tao

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We made our way back to the room. When we were outside the elevator area, near the casino, a very drunk guy came up to me and “cheers” – ed me with his bottle of beer against my empty cup. I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do, but I did see he was very drunk. Erika told me what he was doing.

Yes…step, slowly, away from the drunk guy. Smile. Don’t want to excite the natives.

We went upstairs and got dressed and dolled up and met up in Erika’s room. Since their room was near the elevators, that was where we would congregate before we went anywhere.

I was the official trip photographer, so I snapped some pics.

Erika is rocking her 15-year-old daughter’s dress. There are not many 40 year olds that can do that. And her shoes did me proud. Nicole was looking hot too with some impressive hooker heels.


Kristen and I were looking HOT in our black and Marilyn Monroe white. I was sporting my hooker heels tonight as well.


Were we not a hot bunch of Cougars?


We left the room, got in the elevator and were soon joined by a bachelorette party. There was a plethora of them in Vegas this weekend. You can spot them by the Bride-to-be who is wearing a headband with a veil. This group has bridesmaids with headbands with little top hats off to the side. There was discussion about which side of her head one maid should wear her little hat on.

One maid, in the front of the elevator said, “I need a shot. Let’s do some Patron. I want a shot of Patron.”

The other maids agreed, “Yea, let’s do some Patron.”

It was all we could do to keep from bursting out laughing.

We exited the elevator and one of us said, “Let’s go do some Patron.”

I don’t think they caught on. They might have already “done” some Patron.

We found the restaurant, Stratta. We had to wait a bit. Not sure why, because there were plenty of empty tables and we did have reservations.

We took the opportunity to have someone take a picture of the whole group. We are some hot mama’s, are we not?

We were seated and promptly ordered drinks. I can’t remember exactly what they were, but this is what they looked like.


Cheers Ladies!


They brought Erika “vegan bread” and they brought the rest of us a selection of breads that included a tomato-parmesan focaccia that was some serious YUM. There was also some delish pesto served with the bread.

Erika got a whole menu of choices and when she said she wanted to have the soup, we were like, WHAT? You have to pick something in addition to the soup. That’s not enough!

The service was good and the food was good.

Cindy got the ravioli.



Kristen made her own entrée by requesting pasta with the pesto that was served with the bread and some shrimp.


Nicole had the snapper.



Erika had penne pasta with red sauce.


And I had linguine with clams. Although, they were clams in the shell. Big, juicy, yummy clams.


Our waiter brings us the dessert menu and then the fun begins. Soon, they bring out three desserts for Erika’s birthday (they were all comped).

There is the tapioca, vegan, made with coconut milk. It was thin and kind of runny, but definitely tasty. There was a candle and we sang Happy Birthday to her.


They also brought a rum cake that was quite tasty.

And some Spumoni, which I didn’t taste, but those that did, said it was good.


The chef dude came over and wished Erika Happy Birthday and then said he was going to bring us some Limoncella.


Yes, Erika has a tattoo on her chest. She is such a hippie.

The chef dude was really nice. I hated the Limoncella, but he was really nice.

It was an excellent dinner with outstanding service. I would definitely return here.


We finished our food and drinks (well, I didn’t finish mine, but somebody did) and then went off in search of a taxi to take us to Tao.

Tao is a club at the Venetian. We handed over our V-card cards and were ushered right in.

They stamped us.

We walked through a lounge area, up some stairs, past a bunch of bath tubs with water and rose petals in them and finally into the club, proper.

There were A LOT of people.

We made our way to the bar and ordered drinks. I asked the bartender what kind of rum he had. “Bacardi.”

“That’s it? Only Bacardi?” Seriously?

Toto, we are not at the Grand any more.

He then offered that he had Myers and Captain. I think I ordered a Coke and Myers. Really, all of it is swill compared to Havana Club. And if he had more than Bacardi, why did he not tell me that to start with?

Dude, have you SEEN my shoes?

We made our way to the dance floor. Erika was completely into it. I was completely out of my comfort zone.



Eventually we made our way over to an area where we could sit. I enjoyed the people watching and the shoe show.


There was a narrow platform above us where women were dancing. Men who attempted to dance there were escorted off by the bouncers. The women were wearing some SHORT dresses. There were a couple of girls whose dresses were so short, as they danced, their butt cheeks would make an appearance. They would tug on their skirts and dance some more and there would be there butt cheeks again. There were flashes of panties too, from that view.

Really girls, shouldn’t you keep SOME things under wraps? Or am I just old-fashioned?

There was a group of Asian women next to us and one of them was grinding her girl friends, and just generally out of control. Then a group of Asian men came in and sat down across from us. It was apparently a bachelor party. Erika pointed out the groom (she chats everyone up). It wasn’t long before one of the guys was making out with one of the women. I thought it was the groom and started freaking out, until Erika reassured me it was not. She did give me grief about the implication  that all Asian men look-alike, but to be fair, they were both wearing glasses.

There was another woman who was taking a pill and Erika asked her what she was taking and she said it was Advil. Erika said, “Yea, right! I’m going to tell your mother!” The girl had a look of panic, like, “DO you know my mother?” and “Mind your own business, lady!”

Cougars who can’t stop being moms.


The girls danced and I mostly watched. I danced a little, but it’s really not my thing. I was quickly realizing clubbing was not my thing either.

We went to the bar again and got some lemon drop shots.

Soon after that we left. As we were leaving there were women (employees) getting into the bathtubs. This clubbing stuff is some weird shit.

As we left Tao, there was a guy handing out free passes to Lavo at Palazzo. But we’d had enough clubbing for one night, and went to the taxi stand and returned to the Wynn.

Erika wanted french fries (this must be her Vegas midnight craving because she did the same thing when we were in Vegas two years before).

I’m not 100% sure, but I think we went to Zoozacrackers Deli. We got french fries and carrot cake.



We’d been up about 20 hours, so we were a little tired.




But I have NO idea why we are all leaning to the side. I’m sure we had some clever reason when we took the picture.


I do know that after we got finished eating we returned to our rooms and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, there WOULD be shoe shopping!!





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  1. Hi I found your blog yesterday. Love it! The hub and I and my sister and her fiancé are headed to LV in 3 weeks. We’ re sharing a 2BR 2 Bath condo at the Hilton Grand Vacation for 5 days. This will be very wonderful or very not wonderful. My sister and I get along fabulously, but we’ll see what happens with the boys in tow. Keep up the writing, you rock!

  2. My friends and I had a similar experience at Tao. It was soooo croweded we couldn’t take it. In the 15 minutes we were there we saw two fights….one of the fights was a girl fight and then people were taken out in a wheel chair because the staff if not allowed to carry people. Hated it! We laugh about it now though.

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