The Room, Stocking our Bar and Being Poolside

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We let the other Cougars know what had happened with the room reservations. We then headed up to our rooms. They were on the 39th floor. The elevators are divided up by floor groupings. This cuts down on the number of times the elevator stops, but results in a rapid decent that made some in our group experience frequent ear popping. The elevators are monitored by a Wynn employee. You had to show your room key to get in. You just had to flash it and since my gym card looks very similar I wonder if I could have flashed that and gotten past him.

There were lots of elevators, so never a long wait. When we got to the 39th floor the bell boy was waiting with our bags. The rooms were a fair distance apart. Kristen and I shared a room and we were room 3916, which was way down the hall. The other Cougars were in 3941, which was right off the elevator. They had the room with the king bed and roll away. Cindy and Erika didn’t mind sharing the king sized bed. I made it clear to Erika back when we planned this trip, I wanted my own bed! (I have personal space issues).

We went to our respective rooms. We opened the door and there was a panel of light and drape controls right by the door. We pressed the “All” button and the lights went on and the drapes and sheers opened up and the view blew us away. The whole wall was floor to ceiling windows. (I want one of those buttons for my house).

The room was very nice. It had two double beds with lots of pillows and a duvet.

There was a big TV. There was a small TV in the bathroom.

There was a desk complete with a printer, for people who are in Vegas and need a printer.

There was a mini-bar with an impressive selection of very over priced drinks and snacks.

The fridge was a sensor type set-up. Which meant you couldn’t take something out even to look at it without getting charged. I guess that avoids those scoundrels who take out a soda for $5 and replace it with one they bought at Walgreen’s for $2.

There was a nice, heavy ice bucket. We took it down to the other room to put pretzels in. When they cleaned the room the next day they noticed it was gone and brought us another one.

I didn’t take pictures of the bathroom, but it had a separate water closet, two sinks and a separate tub and shower. The shower water pressure was intense. I liked it, but some felt it was a little too much, especially on sensitive body parts. One odd things was the towels were a dingy gray looking color. There were also two, very nice, robes. Some of the nicest robes I’ve ever had at a hotel. Silky on the outside and ultra soft terry on the inside.

There were 3 or 4 drawers and a spacious closet with a safe in the closet, as well as an iron and board.

The room was very spacious. It was probably one of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever been in. The other room had a king bed, sofa and two chairs in addition to the desk.

We unpacked and then went down to the other room. Erika was very bummed about the room snafu and wanted to cheer herself and the rest of us up. She had made up goodie bags and distributed them. They were awesome. Most memorable thing in them would have to be the pink thong that said, “I’m on vacation.” I had wanted us to put them on over our swim suits and take a picture, but that never happened. That may be a good thing. The most useful thing in the bag was a large, insulated cup with a straw so we would have something to take our drinks down to the pool in so we wouldn’t have to pay $15 + tax and tip for a drink that was mostly ice. Each one was a different color so we wouldn’t get confused. Mine was purple.

Here is Cindy, holding her cup at the pool.

There were other useful things in the goody bags: candy (mine had M&M’s), little bottles of liquor (mine had Bacardi light and dark rum), gel eye pads, hand sanitizer, vitamins (mine were Men’s Daily – WTH?), toilet seat covers, wet wipes, a gum ball from Fascinations (an “adult” store – I knew she’d gone there and I was hoping for something more interesting), stickers. They put us all in a good mood (actually, we never lost our good mood).

Next on our agenda was to procure some adult beverages. Cindy had the name of a liquor store that was supposed to be a couple blocks away. But there was also a Walgreen’s a block in the other direction and we needed to go in that direction, so we went to the Walgreen’s. It was hot and fortunately, not a long walk. Walgreen’s is at the Venetian.

We took a picture by the waterfall by the Wynn.

We got Vodka, Gin, Tonic, lemons and limes, cranberry juice, water, pretzels and peanuts. The prices were high, but it would definitely be cheaper than ordering drinks and snacks at the pool.

That task completed, we took a taxi to the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood. We had bought V-cards on Groupon that would get us into a bunch of clubs via the VIP line with no cover charge. Somebody had decided this was a good idea and since none of us were savvy about how to get into the clubs, it WAS a good idea. More on that later.

We got our box of cards. It was for night clubs, some pools and some strip clubs.

We got a taxi back to the Wynn. It was a walk that would have been do-able, if not for the unbearable heat. It was 108 and at that temperature, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dry heat. It’s just freakin’ HOT!

Back at the room we changed into swimsuits and made drinks. Erika and company’s room was the bar. They filled one of the bathroom sinks with ice to put everything into, they filled the ice bucket for the ice for the drinks and we brought our ice bucket for the pretzels.

We went down to the pool. We walked around, hoping for some chairs that had the option of sun and shade. LOL! Seriously, we thought we might find that. There was a large section that was shaded by the hotel building and there were 5 chairs, so we took them, got towels and settled in with our drinks. There was a “European” pool too, but there was no shade, so we passed on that.

In case you forgot the names of the players, this is Kristen…

this is Nicole…

this is Erika…

…you saw Cindy with her cup earlier in this post. This is me, in my newest swim suit. I’m cheating on Victoria’s Secrets as this suit is from Venus.

We all went in the pool, some napped, we all talked, A LOT! Lots of “girl-talk”. We went through the V-cards and decided to go to Tao at the Venetian tonight. There was also talk of going to a male/female strip club. I can’t say I was too excited about that, but I was going to go with the flow. We also made dinner reservations for both nights.

It was soon time to go back to the room and get ready for dinner. We had a big night ahead of us.

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