Check-in FAIL!

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The bell boy took our bags. We tipped him. I signed the credit card receipt for the limo and tipped the driver. There is a lot of tipping in Las Vegas.

We went inside and Erika and I went to check in. We planned on doing the “$20 trick.” It’s not a trick. It’s a bribe. Some might call it a tip, but really, it’s a bribe. Here’s how it works: when checking in you will be asked for a credit card and id. You place a $20 between them, hand it over and ask if there are any “complimentary” upgrades available. I have read about it and some people get pretty nice upgrades. I have done it the last two times I was in Vegas and was upgraded to a nicer room at the Paris ( renovated “red” room) and a lake-view room at Bellagio.

We had booked 2 rooms for the five of us. However, Erika had booked the rooms through Funjet and only listed 2 people per room. So we handed over a $50 for the upgrade. The check-in girl put the $50 to the side, then put it up on the counter. She typed away at her computer. She asked us if we wanted two double beds or a king. We said two double beds because we weren’t THAT good of friends. Or that KIND of friends.

She said our rooms weren’t ready (it WAS only about 9 am), but they would call us when they were. She had given us a Panoramic view room. I asked her if she could take the tip and she said if we wanted her to. I asked if she had upgraded us and she said she had and I said she should take it. And she did.

So far, so good.

We got the other chicas and headed off to the Terrace Point Cafe. I had eaten here five years ago and had an awesome Lobster Benedict. We were seated right away and when she passed out the menus she asked if we wanted the Vegetarian/Vegan menu.

Why, yes! Yes, we do. In fact, that is the very reason we came to the Wynn. Steve Wynn used to be a vegan and he made sure each restaurant had exceptional vegan options. Erika (the birthday girl) is a vegan. She was very happy. Las Vegas is NOT a vegetarian/vegan friendly town. This is probably one of THE most friendly places in the city.

They took our order, brought our drinks, and we waited for our food.




They all got coffee. I got a Mimosa. Nothing says vacation like starting the day with a Mimosa.


What’s that you say? I already had a Mimosa today? AND a couple of glasses of cheap, sparkling wine in the limo?

It’s really rude to count someone’s drinks, you know.

It was a very relaxing breakfast. It was probably the best almost-buzz I had all weekend.

Erika got the vegan french toast. She said it was yum. No eggs, no milk? I’m sure it was delicious!


Here is the aforementioned lobster Benedict for me. (OMG!)


I have two pictures of two different omelets. I don’t remember if one person didn’t order food or if two people ordered the same omelet. I think it was the latter.



Breakfast was delicious. Everybody LOVED their food.

At the end of the meal, Erika received a call saying the room was ready. Or maybe they said rooms. She expected to hear rooms, so I’m sure that’s what she heard.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

We went back to Registration and got into the check-in line. There were actually two check-in lines. The riff-raff check in line and the VIP check-in line. The first check-in chica had told us we didn’t need to wait in the riff-raff line, so we went in the VIP line. That check-in chica looked up our reservation and gave us our keys. For our ONE room.

Wait! I said. We have two rooms. She checked her computer and said, no, it was just one room. Erika said, no, I made reservations for one room. But then she pulled up the confirmation email and it was 4 people, one room.


Erika was in disbelief that she could have made such a mistake. She and I had been on the phone, simultaneously looking at the rates. We were sure it had been for two rooms. But obviously a BIG error had been made somewhere. I thought back to our original check-in when she’d asked if we wanted two double beds or one king – who would ask that if the reservation was for one room?

But the email confirmation was as plain as day.

They could give us another room, a king with a rollaway. For another $900. What could we do? I handed over my credit card and Erika went to tell the rest of our crew what happened. That our hotel costs had just doubled.

It is was it is. And it was time to take a deep breath and just move on.

So. we did.

BUT – there are two morals to this story.

#1 – don’t let an amateur make the reservations.

#2 – don’t try to sneak an extra person into the room. If she’d tried to make the res for 5 people, it wouldn’t have accepted 5 people to the room and the error would have been discovered.

Live and learn.

Then move on and enjoy the vacation.




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