First Mimosa, Flights and Limos

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If you read my last trip report (Food, Booze and Shoes), you know I had to get up at 3:30, and I was not happy about that. I must be a slow learner because, yet again, I had to get up at 3:30. Ugh. So early. Too early. But up I got and Zung delivered me to Erika’s at 5:30. Kristen and Nicole were already there. Despite the early hour, we were all ready to get this party started.

The line up is Kristen, Erika (the birthday girl of honor), Me and Nicole.

Erika’s husband, Tim, drives us to the airport. We all have carry-on, except for Erika. She does curbside check-in. We have all checked in online the day before. I will try a paperless boarding pass for the first time. It is on my phone. We go to security and the line is long. I usually fly Frontier and those gates are on Terminal A, which has its own private security gate which is not usually very long. This time we are flying United, which has its gates on Terminal B, so we have to go through main security and take the train. The security line is long. But we have each other to chat with, so it doesn’t feel long. We put all our stuff on the conveyor belt. We clear through without problem. Which is surprising, being that I forgot to take my liquids bag out.

My paperless boarding pass works great. Apparently, people use these all the time!

We take the train and get off at Terminal B and Nicole (who travels a lot) takes us to her favorite bar. We order drinks. Nicole has a Bloody Mary and the rest of us order Mimosa’s. We all get something to nibble on. We plan to have breakfast at the hotel after we check in.

Nothing says a vacation has begun like the first Mimosa.


I have a croissant and my trigeminal neuralgia is acting up, so I have to chew very slowly. Time gets tight and when I have to choose between finishing the croissant or the Mimosa, I choose the Mimosa. because it doesn’t require chewing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We board. We are waaaay in the back. Row 29. Nicole has the window seat, Erika sits in the middle and I have the aisle and Kristen has the aisle next to us. We chat and look at pictures. I am chastised by Erika because I don’t power off my electronics. I only turn them off. She makes me power them off so I don’t endanger our flight.

I play some Angry Birds and doze and before we know it, we have landed. Time flies when your flight is only half an hour. We de-plane and stop at the bathrooms. While in the bathroom, I get a call from Merrill with Presidential Limos.

The night before Erika and I decided that taking a limo would be fun and a great way to start off and finish the trip. I did some research and booked. Now Merrill was letting me know he was waiting at Baggage Carousel 13 with an iPad with Erika’s name on it. Originally they were going to have my name because I did the booking. While I thought about having them put “Colorado Cougars” on the sign, I was too embarrassed to say that, so I just said Erika’s name.

Cindy was also waiting at the Baggage Carousel.

All together now, we headed off to the limo.

Merrill had an apprentice with him, Erik. I asked him to take our picture with Merrill. For some reason he couldn’t take the picture and after 3 tries, Merrill said he would take the picture with Erik in it.


Cindy is on the left.

Both Merrill and Erik were very polite and helped us with our bags and helped us open the “champagne”. LOL! It had a screw top. Whatever. We had fun chugging the bottle in the 10-15 minutes it took to drive to the Wynn.





There was also a rose for Erika.

The drive to the Wynn was short, smooth and filled with lots of laughter and innuendo about the weekend in front of us.

Unbeknownst to us, the was a vacation glitch in our future.




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  1. Looks like fun already! I hope it’s not going to be too much of a glitch for you all-

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