Colorado Cougars Do Vegas!

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The ink has barely dried on the page of my last trip report. I know, it was all typed on my computer. It’s a sad passing that those words are probably no longer true when people write, because they have such a poetic ring to them.

It is now time to start blogging my next awesome adventure. Maybe I need to rename my blog – Andrea’s Awesome Adventures?



My next adventure is back to Vegas in two days. For my faithful Iberostar followers, my next Mexico trip is in exactly four weeks!

But the current trip is to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friend, Erika’s, 40th birthday. Technically her birthday is not until August 14th. But if you celebrate your birthday just a couple of days earlier each year, by the end you have an extra birthday to celebrate. It’s true. I read it on the internet.

Erika and I the last time we went to Vegas. That was definitely a “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” trip.

Let’s just say there was shopping, new shoes, Chippendale’s, and a very poor assessment of the effect of five shots of alcohol within an hour and a half on my system.

The Players of Colorado Cougars Do Vegas:

Me (of course).

Erika – my best friend, (which is not the same as my BFF, Karen). Erika and I are Lactation Consultants at the hospital in Boulder. Technically, I’m her boss. But we don’t let that come between us. Because I’m an awesome boss. She tells me so all the time.

Cindy – Erika’s best friend from Virginia. She is also a Lactation Consultant. She’s not from Colorado – obviously. But we made her an honorary Coloradoan.

Kristen – Our friend from work. She is a Mom/Baby nurse. Technically, she’s not a cougar. Actually, she isn’t even close to a cougar. But we made her an honorary cougar.

Nicole – Erika’s friend from her kid’s school. I’ve never met her, so I can’t tell you what she does. Only that she’s lots of fun according to Erika.

We are staying at the Wynn hotel. We plan to lay by the pool, shop (Erika hates shopping, so sometimes I am not even sure how we got to be best friends, other than the fact that she makes me laugh like no one else in my life), eat lots of good food, drink some good drinks,  and go clubbing. I have never been clubbing in my life and I’m not even sure what it means. But, hey, I’m open to new experiences. Especially when I can wear a hot dress and kick-ass shoes doing it.

The saying is, What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. But for this trip, what happens in Vegas will be detailed on Iberostarrocks!


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