Strip Burger and Flight Delays and Luggage Woes

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Before we had left for Vegas I had done my research and determined that one of the best places to get a burger was Strip Burger, which, as luck (or good planning) would have it, was right at Fashion Show Mall. As luck would not have it, it was located outside. In the unseasonably freakin’ hot 106 degree weather. I didn’t feel good to begin with and this was not making me feel any better. The mister thingys were not helping enough either.

Our pleasant and attentive waiter took out order. Zung got a burger and I got sliders. We shared fries. I drank lots and lots of water. I was hoping that I was just dehydrated and the water would make me feel better quickly. Alas, that was not the case. I ate 1 1/2 sliders and didn’t enjoy any of it. Zung said his burger was good.

Overall, I think the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay is better. But it’s not a fair comparison since I felt crummy.

We got a taxi to Bellagio, collected our bags and then got a taxi to the airport. I asked the bell boy if I had to request the driver “not take the tunnel” and he said no, that is only an issue when you are coming FROM the airport.

We check in quickly at Frontier. We feel like we have plenty of time to get to our gate. Then we head to security and it is a freakin’ long line that moves slowly. The last time I was in Vegas it was like this. What’s up with that? It looked like they had one lane open. Apparently, they are taking this saying too seriously and trying to keep all of us here a bit longer.


Once we got through security we head to our gate and board right away. We are in row 6. Since Zung is an Ascent member, we get to board early and then we watch all the other people file in, with their sad, “vacation is over” expressions.

I am sitting in an aisle seat and Zung is in the middle. We know the flight is full, so we will have to get up when the occupant of the window seat arrives.

And arrives she does. She declares, “There’s no fuc*ing place for me to put my bag!” Zung and I look at each other, both thinking, “Uh oh.” She leans across us and throws her purse on her seat. She continues to complain about putting her bag in the overhead. She finds a place and then says to us, “I need to get to my seat.”

Somehow she got between the guy in front of her and his bag. Nobody can move. I tell her she needs to move so we can get out into the aisle to let her through. The guy lets go of his bag and I move into the aisle, as does Zung. The guy who let go of his bag says to me, “Good luck with your flight,” with an “I’m glad I’m not you right now” expression. I reply, “I think we’re gonna need it.”

She mumbled and grumbled and then settled down. Everyone was finally on the plane and the captain gets on the speaker and tells us we are all ready to go…once they take care of a little problem.

We wait, and wait, AND wait some more. Angry, crazy lady next to us is getting antsy. After and hour and a half we are instructed to deplane. They say to stay close, but regulations require them to get us off the plane.

We deplane and I find a place to plug my phone in because I am almost out of juice. The lady sitting next to me is supposed to board the next flight that leaves at 8pm and decides she probably needs to figure out which gate her plane will be at since our plane is in the way.

Zung goes and gets some food. I am still feeling crummy, so I pass on food. I text Susie and tell her we are delayed. About 30-45 min go by. Crazy, angry lady stays right by the door to get back on the plane. Some other passengers are discussing what the fact that the pilot has deplaned means. Everyone is frustrated. Then they start calling some people up to the check-in desk. We are one of those names called. Zung goes up. There is talking and then he comes over and says they are putting us on the flight that is leaving at 8 o’clock — which is right now — and we high tail to over to the other gate. I know my bag is on the defective plane and am a bit concerned about that.

At the new check-in desk those of us that were sent over line up. I gather it was the Ascent and Summit members that were put on this other flight. The lady checking us in says, “You were in Row 6, is it ok if we put you in Row 4?” I look at her like, “Did you really just ask me if it’s ok if you put me in a seat closer to the door that has more leg room? Let me think about that for a second…YES!”

One of the flight attendants says the other plane is leaving at the same time so our bags will arrive when we do. Cool. Except it wasn’t true.

We left around 8:15 and got into Denver at 11-ish. Everything is shut down at that time of night. The security check points were closed. I had always thought the airport functioned 24/7. Apparently not.

We went to baggage and I told Zung to go get the car and I would wait for my bag. So I waited, and waited and waited. He called to say he was outside, waiting for me. I finally got up and went to a Frontier worker-lady and explained what I was waiting for and she said the other plane had JUST left Vegas and wouldn’t be in until about 1. I should go to the lost bag office.

Oh brother. It’s late. I’m tired and I still feel crummy. The lady in the lost bag office takes my info and assures me they will deliver my bag to my home and it will be there by morning. She asks if they can call me any time and I say yes.

Which was a dumb thing to say. Call me they did, at 1:30 am, and I was asleep, to let me know my bag had arrived and would be delivered by morning. And it was.And I was happy it was. I just didn’t need to know it at 1:30 am.

I instructed them to just leave it on the porch. I had stressed a fair bit about not having all my stuff (my makeup and lotions and potions that help me look less than my 51 years), so I was pretty happy I didn’t have to go long without it.

I always try to take the day after I get back from vacation off of work. This was one of those times that I was REALLY glad I do that.

We went out to breakfast and declared it a very nice little vacation indeed. My shoes arrived a few days later. A signature was required for them and I wasn’t there when they came by. I was so excited to get them though that I drove to the UPS place that evening to pick them up.

For the record, they are soooo comfortable. In case you missed the first picture of them, here they are again.


I leave for Vegas again in 5 days. This time with a group of 4 other women for my best friend, Erika’s, 40th birthday. That will be my next trip report!

And then in 31 days it’s off to my home away from home, my happy place, my soul feeding haven. The Iberostar Grand at Playa Parasio.


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