Checking out and Fashion Show Mall

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Zung and I met back at the room. He had enjoyed the gallery. The photographer had been there and he had gotten to talk to him.

We packed up. I tried to check-out on the TV, but it wouldn’t let me do it. I called the front desk and they said if you check-out late the system shuts you out. Well, isn’t that special? We go downstairs and get in the check-out line. It is long enough that I don’t feel special at all that they gave me a late check-out. There is a Bellagio lady there asking people if they want to do express check out or get a receipt at the desk. I look at the line and opt for express check-out (Fashion Show Mall is calling my name). I assume they will send me my itemized receipt. It has been almost two months and they have sent me nothing. They did send me an email survey and when I commented about the egregious lapse in housekeeping (food in the drawer) they asked if I wanted to be called about my experience and I said yes. I was never called.

What I need to do is write a review on Trip Advisor.

But, I digress.

We go outside and check our bags with the bell boys. Kind of chaotic out there.

One last picture at the Bellagio. Doubt I’ll stay here again. It was overall nice, but just some lapses that should NEVER happen and that were never acknowledged.



We took a taxi to Fashion Show Mall. They have a Topshop there. I am excited. I’ve read good things about Topshop. I would  describe it as an “on trend British based clothing store.” Zung follows me around for a bit. I collect vast amounts of clothing to try on and after a bit tell him he can go to more interesting stores. I try on the vast amounts of clothing and it ALL looks hideous. I leave feeling dejected. I meet up with Zung and when I tell him I was unsuccessful and that the clothing was all too young for me, he said he thought it looked like it would be. He said, “You know that store Forever 21? That looked like Forever 18.” Good one, honey.

Next I went in to Zara. This is a store I have shopped in before here in Las Vegas and in New York and gotten some very cute things. Well, if Topshop made me feel young, Zara made me feel fat. I could barely squeeze into the Smalls, I didn’t even try the Extra-Small I had taken in. Clearly the delicious breakfasts I had eaten had had an impact.

I did get a dress from Mango. Long, royal blue, high neck and very low back. That will make an appearance in Mexico (which I leave for in exactly FIVE weeks! Hooray!)

I started feeling crummy. Uneasy stomach and overall yucky.

We power shopped for the kids. Ethel M chocolates for Susie, fleece jacket for Nicholas and t-shirt for Patrick (my GQ kid).

Time is running out on this vacation. We have a lunch to eat and a plane to catch. And a flight to be delayed. Blech!


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