Pre-show activities

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Once back at Bellagio we went to our room and napped. Had to rest up for a late night. We are sooo NOT late night people. We then dressed and headed over to Caesar’s Palace. I think that was the original theme hotel. We had to walk through the Bellagio shopping area to get there. It was somewhat tortuous to walk past all those delicious stores and not get to pop into one or two.

We were approached by a nicely dressed younger man. He said he worked for Bellagio and was inviting people to go to Hyde, the indoor/outdoor bar/club that looks out at the fountains. He said he would walk us in and there would be no cover and it was two for one happy hour. I don’t know if there is normally. We had to decline because we had to go pick up our show tickets. We think he was targeting people that were nicely dressed.

I think we qualified.

I would have loved to have taken him up on it. But who knows, maybe we could have just walked in any time we wanted. I’m not very savvy about these types of things.

We made our way over to Caesars and got our tickets. Then we had lots of time to kill. (Should have gone back to look for the Hyde guy). We went inside Caesars and walked around. It was smokier than Bellagio. We played some slots. Zung likes to play the Mega Millions progressives. We didn’t hit any jackpots though.

We passed the Mesa Grill, which was a restaurant I’d had on my list for lunch. They served dinner also. We took a look at the menu and thought we’d eat there after the show. It looked good. Then we walked around looking for a place to have a drink. We passed a Sushi place and Zung thought it was one of the places that had been recommended to him by one of the women he’d chatted with in one of the stores the day before. We decided we would go there for dinner instead.

We found a bar. Not that it’s hard to find a bar in Vegas. If you walk ten feet or so, there should be one or two.

I had a blueberry vodka and club soda and Zung had a rum and coke.

The bartenders were playing with bottles, tossing them up in the air to a shelf way above. They were successful a couple of times and we all clapped for them. They were practicing other tricks too.

We took a few pictures in the bar and around Caesar’s.

The shoes have a 4 inch heel. They are navy suede Charles David that I got for a steal in San Diego when I was playing a little hooky from a conference I was at. They are very comfortable. I love a sexy shoe that is comfortable. What more can a girl ask for?

We did the self-portrait photo thing.

We asked the waitress in the bar to take this one.

We’d gambled. We’d drank. We’d decided on a place for dinner. The only thing left was to go wait for the show to start.


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  1. I’m so glad that you did not go to Mesa Grill. I was extremely disappointed in both the service and food there. I was so excited to go because I love Bobby Flay and it was completely underwhelming. The best thing that I had there was the Mesa steak sauce and that’s about it.

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