Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental

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Afternoon Tea is served at several places in Vegas. Including right at our very own hotel, Bellagio. At Bellagio you need to made reservations 24 hrs in advance. At Mandarin Oriental you can just walk in. Four Seasons also serves Afternoon Tea.

Americans often refer to it as High Tea, but in the UK, High Tea is a working man’s meal, and a full meal. What they serve at these places would be referred to as Afternoon Tea, so I’m trying to get the terms correct.

We (obviously) changed out of our swim suits back in to our clothes and because it was hot, hot, hot, we took a taxi to the Mandarin Oriental. When the bell boy opened the door he said, “Welcome home.” I wanted to tell him we were just visiting for a few hours, but thought that might confuse him.

We took the elevator up to the 23rd floor (I wonder what’s on those floors beneath? Maybe the rooms?) That’s where you check in as well. Hmmm, I’ll have to check on that. The lobby sitting area is where they serve Afternoon Tea, on comfy sofas and chairs.

We were seated and the service was what you would expect…exemplary.

There were a few options and I chose the option of tea with a glass of Veuve Clicquot. I’d never had it before. Zung had just the tea option. There was also an option for a whole bottle of Veuve, but he wouldn’t have been able to hold up his end. I was neither going to drink 3/4 of a bottle of champagne in the middle of the afternoon, nor ask for a bottle doggy bag.

There were many tea options. I can’t remember what we ordered, but both were very good. I am a black tea kind of gal and he leans toward Jasmine.

They have stands for the plates of food. And great views.


To keep the tea warm, they had little candles under the pots. They brought the tea out perfectly brewed. I like my tea strong, so that is saying something.

The Veuve was delicious. I now understand what all the buzz is about. The food was delicious. The scones were divine. Light and just sweet enough. I like mine with jam and devonshire cream.

The sandwiches were well done. Just extraordinary enough to be delicious and not outlandish. Cucumber, with salmon on top, ham, egg salad and curried chicken.

The sweets were a tad too sweet. And we were rather full, so they boxed them up for us to take back to the Bellagio, but we never did eat them.

It was a delightful and unique experience. I highly recommend it. With the excess of sensorial stimulation, Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental was a welcome respite.

We walked back to Bellagio, via the Crystal Shopping Center and the Cosmopolitan for some air conditioning. The shops at Crystal called to me, but I resisted.

We passed a homeless guy with a cat. I’ve seen lots of homeless guys with dogs. But I will say, this is the first time I’ve seen one with a cat. The cat just layed there. Zung, ever a sucker for a cute cat, gave the guy some money and told him to use it for cat food.

The Bellagio fountains were doing their thing.

For the record, I wore flip-flops today.

For the record, these are my flip-flops.

You didn’t think it was going to be those rubber things, did you?

Next up, dinner and a show. Or, technically, it was a show and dinner.


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  1. Thank you for another great post. I never thought going to an afternoon tea would be something special that I would like, but by the photos, it sure looked relaxing.
    I love those flip flops. Where did you get them? Thanks!

  2. I love Afternoon Tea. The Royal Hideaway in Playa Del Carmen they do it every day. It’s one of my favorite things about RH. The “flip-flops” came from Nordstrom.

  3. wow! god damn :p

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