Coke Store and Pool-side

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Isn’t is funny when you go into a place like the Coca Cola store you suddenly want to buy all those Coca Cola themed items? It starts with the t-shirt (I bought one of those), then you’re looking at bikini’s (for Susie, but she declined), hats, place mats and lamp shades. We, thankfully, just walked out with the t-shirt and the hat.

Zung got thirsty and they have a little soda counter. He got a coke float.

He liked it a lot. Since we’ve been home he’s made these a couple of times. I made a variation. Mine was a rum and coke float. (Show of hands, who is surprised mine had rum?)

They had the Coca Cola bear for pictures. They took it or took it for you with your own camera. We chose option B.

After the Coke store we made our way back to Bellagio.

“We ARE going to the pool today. K?” (Me)

“”Whatever you want to do, honey.” (Zung)

This is the secret to a long marriage. Ask anyone. Who has been in a long marriage. They will tell you. It’s true.

Bellagio has several pools. They were all packed. We walked around, looking for some shade. It was unseasonably hot at over 100 degrees. There were some chairs with shade, off away from the pool. WTP? (What’s the point? I don’t know if that is an approved acronym because I just made it up).

We walked on some more and found a couple of chairs that were mostly in the shade and I didn’t want to be entirely in the shade, so it was a good find.

A waitress came by. I asked what kind of rum they had. Captain Morgan’s and Myers. Okay, I wasn’t expecting Havana Club, but Bellagio is high-end, so I was hoping for some high-end rum. I ordered a rum coke slushy with Myers. I asked for two shots of rum. She said, “A double?” Where I come from, that’s a double. “Yes, a double! ”

Zung completely cut loose with some ice water.

She came back with our drinks. After tip, mine was $28. I rounded that up (in my mind) to $30. $30 freakin’ dollars! (With that in mind, not really sure WHY I am smiling in this picture. Maybe because I haven’t drunk much of it, and haven’t discovered the lack of rum yet).



The price was bad enough. The worst part? I couldn’t taste the rum. I let Zung taste it and he couldn’t taste it either. It just kind of tasted like watered down coke. I finished it and felt it a tiny bit. I thought about ordering another one, but I’ve been down that road before, and it didn’t end well.

The pool-side service was definitely not of Mexico calibre. Another waitress went by at one point, but she didn’t stop and ask anyone for orders. She looked like one of those waitresses that is trying to avoid eye contact and therefore having to actually work. Isn’t that where the tips are?

I people watched for a while. Vegas, poolside…great people watching.

I went in the water once to get wet.

Zung stayed in the shade and read his book.

Several women sat down next to us and talked. Loudly.

Let’s be clear, sitting poolside in Vegas bears no resemblance to being at the ocean’s edge in Mexico. There was no soul feeding going on.

We started getting hungry and decided to head over to the Mandarin Oriental for Afternoon Tea. Of course we returned to our room to change first. The people sitting next to us at the pool, who were in the sun, pounced on our chars immediately.

Tea at the Mandarin Oriental was an awesome experience that deserves its own post.




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  1. I thought maybe I should just let you know that I anxiously await Wednesdays and Sundays for new blog entries. Often, I check for new posts before you post them, then figure to cut you some slack, since you are on Colorado time and I’m on eastern time. LOL. I am a huge fan of yours and every post you write!! I’ll be entering an accelerated BSN nursing program in August, so I always love to hear you mention your job. In my nutrition book (I’m studying ahead of time), they explained what a “lactation consultant” is and I’m like, OH I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES THAT!! But of course, I’ve never met you.. . Maybe someday our Playa trips will cross paths and I’ll get to meet you!! Until then, keep on blogging…..I love them all!!

    1. Thank you so much! You can sign up to be notified by email when there is a new post. As long as I have material, and readers, I will keep blogging!

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