Breakfast # 2, Buying show tickets at the giant Coke Bottle

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We sleep a LONG time, it is almost eight o’clock when we wake up. I wake up to the thought that I really miss my memory foam pillow. I have taken it with me on some trips, but definitely not with carry-on.

First on our to do list is eat breakfast. We go next door to the Cosmopolitan for Henry’s. It is right when you walk in the door. No wandering through the casino. Breakfast is divine. I start with a Mimosa. I am trying very hard to make this a vacation breakfast tradition.

I have the Short Rib Bennie, which is basically dinner with breakfast on top – tender short ribs and smashed potatoes topped with a couple poached eggs and hollandaise. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to bring down my cholesterol. But, what a way to go.

We got some fresh berries to share. They help neutralize all the fat.

Zung got…….drumroll please….an omelette. He’s a man who knows what he likes and generally doesn’t mess with a sure thing (yesterday and the sublime french toast notwithstanding).

The food is wonderful. The service is excellent. The way I like it, very attentive. I am such a diva.

The restaurant, like so many, is open to the casino and there is constant noise. I am already feeling overstimulated. We have only been here about 24 hours. I do not know how some people stay here for one to two weeks. Hell, I don’t know how people work here every day. I would have to slit my wrists or something.

After we finish breakfast (feeling like we don’t need to eat for the rest of the day), we head off in search of show tickets. We are going to go to Tix4tonight and see what they have. They sell tickets for shows the same night (betcha couldn’t tell that from the name) and have several locations on the strip. We were headed to the Coke Bottle location.

We took some pics along the way. Well, actually this first pic is right across from the restaurant. It was a bar that Zung thought was very cool. Not cool enough to visit, but cool enough to take some pics.

This one shows the crystal hanging thingy best.

This one shows the swirly pattern on the bar best.

The bar wasn’t open yet. Imagine that. I thought the bars were ALWAYS open in Vegas.

This was outside.

We started walking towards the Coke Bottle. This is what is sounds like, a giant Coke Bottle.

Back when Vegas was doing the family friendly thing, it was a museum. It was very cool and we went a couple of times with the kids. We bought into that whole family friendly thing, big time. Then when they decided, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, they turned it into a store. Which really doesn’t go along with that theme, does it? If you buy it, you are probably going to take it home.


It is part of a little mall. There’s an M&M shop there (that used to have a cool interactive ride experience, but now is just a store). There used to be an arcade, but that’s gone now. Wow, this is getting a little depressing.

So we were walking towards the Coke Bottle and across the street I see the Hawaiian Marketplace, where there is also a Tix4tonight. It was right there, across the street, a couple blocks closer than the Coke Bottle. But we couldn’t cross the street. It was one of those places that didn’t have a crossover or a crosswalk. By the time we got to a crosswalk we were closer to the Coke Bottle.


The happy surprise was the line was inside, where it was air-conditioned, because it was blistering hot already. Except as soon as we went in they decided the line was too long and moved a bunch of people outside. Since we had just arrived, we were part of those people who got moved outside. They said it was fire code regulations. Of which I am sure Vegas has a lot of strict ones. Being a place where many people tend to be at the same time and also having a history of some pretty deadly hotel fires.

At least the line was in the shade. As we waited I signed up for texts for specials and coupons. I had in my hand a pass to get to the VIP line (no waiting) and did not know it. I was focused on the $2 off per ticket. Remember the big picture, people.

We wanted to get tickets for O, but they did not have any. Originally I had wanted to get tickets for Love, a Cirque de Soleil show about the Beatles at Mirage. Susie and I saw this when we were here and I LOVED it (no pun intended) and wanted to bring Zung to see it. But it was dark the two nights we were here.

We looked at the choices and Zung said he had heard Absinthe was a good show. I said, ok. It sounded as good as anything else that they had tickets for.

While we waited, one of the Tix4tonight dudes talked to us. He asked us which show we were getting tickets for. When we told him, he first corrected my pronunciation of it. And then he started asking me questions.

Are you 18? That got a good laugh. He assured me if I was not he could get me a fake id for $150. Okay, I know I look young, but I don’t look THAT young. (I wasn’t supposed to tip this guy, was I?)

Are you easily offended? Nope.

Are you open-minded? I like to think so.

Are you conservative? That would be a big NO.

He assured us, in that case, we should be just fine.

Finally we got to move to the inside, in the air conditioning, line. It wasn’t too long after this that I asked one of the Tix4tonight dudes (they like to mingle with the crowds) if I would be able to use the text coupon I had. He looked at it and informed me we could go in the VIP line.


We were at the counter soon after that, using our $2 off coupon (I know – I bought $900 shoes yesterday, it seems silly that I was worried about a $2 coupon – but it was for both of us, so it would actually save us $4 and after 225 of those I have another pair of shoes.

The counter guy asked us if we knew what Absinthe was like and we assured him we did. Both dudes told us how much they enjoyed it.

We paid for our tickets and then decided we need to check out the Coke store. Where they sell Coca Cola themed items. Not coke, as in the powdery white stuff some people snort up their noses for the euphoric feelings it gives. Or at least I think that’s what it does. Never tried it myself.

Coca Cola. Have tried lots of that. It’s especially good with rum.

But I digress. Yet again.


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