Dinner at Fix

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Upon our return to Bellagio we played some slots. We played $40 and cashed out at $50. Since we’d lost $40 earlier, we were still behind.

Our gambling philosophy is that you gotta do it for fun. If you seriously want to make some money, you have to be willing to lose a lot of money and I don’t have the stomach for that. I would love to play Blackjack, but that’s $10/bet at most places and I can envision losing $100 in 5 minutes and I just couldn’t do it. Forty minutes to an hour and I’ve got enough money to buy shoes instead.

So we took our $10 (sort of) winnings and went up to our room and got ready for dinner. I’d made reservations at Fix, a mid-range (for Vegas) restaurant here at Bellagio. Susie and I had eaten there when we’d been here 6 years ago and the service had really stood out.

We dressed and, well, truthfully, I overdressed for this restaurant, but I wasn’t sure yet where we were eating the next night so I wore my dressiest dress tonight. The shoes are Manolo Blahniks.

We got to Fix and were seated in a booth. It was DARK, the music was LOUD. It was open to the casino and the path from the shops to the casino, so there was a steady stream of people walking by. It made for good people watching. The restaurant was not crowded, but between the music and people going by, it was an assault to the senses.

We decided to just order wine by the glass. Zung was only going to have one and I didn’t think I was going to drink anywhere near the rest of the bottle (not that I can’t, but I just was too tired). Our waiter tried to talk us into a bottle, explaining there were 4 1/2 glasses in a bottle. Yes, honey, I know how many glasses there are in a bottle. We politely declined.

The wine was decent.


We didn’t take any pictures of the food. It was fair to mediocre. Zung ordered tomato soup. He said it was too heavy. In all fairness, we’d been out to dinner recently back in Boulder at the Kitchen and they are famous for their tomato soup. This tomato soup never had a chance. I had a salad, which was HUGE. It’s hard to go wrong with a simple salad. It was fine. I didn’t finish it and the manager stopped to clear our plates and expressed concern that there was something wrong with it. I assured him I was just saving room for the rest of my dinner.

The service was very good. Too bad the food was not half as good.

Zung ordered scallops for his entrée. He said they were too heavy. There was bacon and a hollandaise sauce involved. He ate about half of it. There was never any inquiry by anyone as to why he didn’t finish. I was still fairly full from our late lunch and decided to order a small cold seafood platter. These are usually an appetizer and shared for a table. It had crab, shrimp and lobster (all cooked) and clams and oysters (raw – I expected the oysters to be raw, but thought the clams would be cooked, so I ended up passing on both). It was served with three sauces, a cocktail sauce, a dijonaisse and an apple cider vinaigrette. It was decent. It’s kind of hard to mess up cold shellfish.

We passed on dessert. Or rather, mine was liquid.

I asked how they made their chocolate martinis, and there was some kind of creamy stuff in it, so I ordered one. It was yummy.

No pictures of food, but plenty of the chocolate martini.

The martini was very yummy and I could have drunk another one, but after a long day we decided just to call it a night.

Back at the room we read a bit and then went to sleep. Tomorrow we wanted to get tickets for a show. I knew where we would eat breakfast, we would have Afternoon Tea at the Mandarin Oriental, but dinner was still undecided. A word to the wise, don’t make this mistake. Nail down your dinner decisions and make sure they are based on solid research.

Oh well, live and learn.


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