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We walked around the second floor of the Cosmospolitan. There was this store with all these antique sewing machines from floor to ceiling. They were all different machines. It’s a little hard to see in this picture, but it was very cool and unique. The store sold clothing.

As we walked by one store a guy stood out front. He offered us some lotion samples and then he asked us to come in so he could show us his product. It was called Forever Flawless. I should know better. When they try to get me at the mall at their kiosks I just give them the hand. Not “they” as in this company, just any of those companies trying to suck me in with their lure of, “just try it”.

But here I was, walking in, sitting in his chair and letting him put his lotions and potions on my face.

The difference this time was, Zung was there. This guy somehow senses my areas of insecurity (are they every woman’s areas of concern?). Let’s face it, I don’t have a lot of wrinkles – which I attribute to being fairly fanatical about wearing sunglasses my whole adult life, and that was because I didn’t like the feeling of squinting, it just had the added bonus of keeping wrinkles at bay. But they are starting to show up around my eyes. He puts this stuff on my eyes and asks Zung if he can tell a difference and Zung says, yes.    Yes he can.

Zung wouldn’t lie about that.

There was a couple next to us that was just getting ready to check out and she said, “Get your credit card out, you’re gonna need it.”

The guy who was spackling me up kept trying to get Zung to try the stuff. Uh, yea, he’s a man’s man and wouldn’t be caught dead putting something on his face that had a name like Forever Flawless. Soap and water has been good enough for almost 65 years, and it will continue to be good enough for however many more years he’s around.

The guy told me how much it was (sharp intake of breath), how he was giving me a 50% discount because I was staying at the Cosmopolitan. Um, wait. No I’m not. To which he replied, “I will ask you again, you ARE staying at the Cosmopolitan, RIGHT, because then you get a 50% discount.”

Plus he was going to throw a bunch of stuff in for free. WHY didn’t I see through this schtick?

He told me it would last me 2 years. And, as luck would have it, (for him anyway), I HAD been on the hunt for some amazing eye cream. The total for the serum and the cream was $300. Which sounds like a lot. But I figured if it lasted me 2 years it wouldn’t be so bad. I told Zung, “You don’t know this, but I spend ridiculous amounts of money on this kind of stuff all the time.” (Sephora is my downfall. Well, that and Victoria Secrets.)

Wrap it up! I handed over my credit card and as he put it all in a very nice bag, I realized I had just turned in my ticket for carry on. Although nothing was over 3 oz, it was all in this elaborate packaging (hence the outrageous price tag).  It would all look very pretty on my counter at home.

Since I got home I have looked at their website and it looks like, indeed, I got a good deal. Relatively speaking.  I don’t know if it is making me look younger. Most people don’t believe that I’m 51, so I don’t know if it could make me look THAT much younger. At least my mother gave me good genes. I still am fretting about those wrinkles.

We left with our bag full of non-TSA approved goodies and walked around some more.

“There’s a Jimmy Choo store nearby. I can smell it.”

I asked this truly clueless guy who looked like he should know (standing behind an information looking podium and all), but he had no idea who Jimmy Choo was  or where the Crystal Shopping Center was. He did ask someone else about the Crystal Shopping Center and that dude knew and we were on our way.

Outside, walk a bit over an overpass and then you open the door and the nice cool air-conditioned air with the smell of lots and lots of money hits you.

The Crystal Shopping Center is exclusive high-end shopping. Not a Guess or J Crew to be seen. Gucci, Prada, Harry Winston.  How do they make those diamonds sparkle like that?

Every store had a security guard.

For the most part, we were shopping WAY above our pay grade. But there’s this shoe thing, where I walk into a store like Jimmy Choo and forget all about being a poorly paid RN. (Okay, the hubs IS a well paid professor, but even the best paid professors can’t hang with the high rollers). But with shoes, I can definitely hang. (Budgets be damned).

It’s kind of like crack cocaine.


We went in and I took survey of all they had. There was definitely some more jazz going on than at the other Jimmy Choo at Palazzo. I picked three pair to try on. The same ones I had tried on earlier in the day (in the same size – they still didn’t fit – DUH! I think the heat was getting to me). A black open toe eyelet bootie, and some brown suede sandal style. The black ones were 30% off. Yesss!

I tried on the beige and black stilettos and they still did not fit. The black booties were nice and felt good, and were on SALE!

Then I tried on the brown suede sandals style. They only had those in a 37 1/2. Even still, they were tight. They zipped up the back and it was an effort to get them zipped up. Then I stood up.

OMG! Stunning! Comfortable. Sooooo comfortable. I couldn’t believe how comfortable.

It’s like the right man. You just know.

They spoke to me. They said, we were meant to be together. You will forget about all those other shoes in your closet. You will want to spend all your time with me. I will caress your foot in the most gentle, seductive manner. You cannot live without me. We must be together forever.

I’ve always said, when a shoe speaks to you, you damn well better listen.

“I’ll take these.”

My photographer was slacking and I have no pictures of our joining together for all eternity. He was probably jealous of the instant connection we had.

This picture was taken once we arrived home.


Gorgeous, are they not? They are not just a pretty face either. They are so freakin’ comfortable. They are “wear all day at work on a day I have to stand at the bedside for 45 minutes” comfortable. 3 1/4 inches and all. I LOVE them.

I had her ship them to my house so I didn’t have to pay shipping. When you are spending that kind of money, every last little bit helps. Hey, some people collect coins, some people collect paintings, Jay Leno collects cars. I collect shoes. (I have to give Sheila credit for that thought. It was a good one).

Mission accomplished. We walked around some more. There was this cool restaurant.

As we went in to each store they would greet us and ask where we were from. I tired of this routine quickly and would just walk away and let Zung engage in the repetitive chit chat. He did get the scoop on where to eat good sushi. Or at least he thought he did.

There was a cool car.

We left and walked into a blast of heat. There were these very asymmetric buildings.

We walked over to the Mandarin Oriental, a very non-Vegas hotel. It has no casino. It is quiet and serene. We went up to the 23rd floor, which is where you check in. It is also where they serve Afternoon Tea. I’d read about this and it hadn’t sparked any yearnings. However, actually BEING there, we quickly decided we needed to come back for that tomorrow.

As for today, we made our way back to Bellagio and got ready for dinner.

I had done what I had come to do. The rest of the trip was gravy.



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  1. I think that very cool restaurant has a lot of similarities to your new shoes, no wonder you liked the look of it 🙂

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