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Side note: when we returned there were robes, slippers and NO food in the drawer. After we got home, Bellagio sent me a survey about our stay. I told them about this egregious lapse and said I wanted to be contacted about it. I have not heard from them, and do not expect to since so much time has passed. Not what you’d expect from a AAA 5 diamond hotel, and I probably will not return because if this.

We’d been up since 3:45 and hit the wall when we got back to Bellagio. I was good to go veg at the pool, but Zung wasn’t in the mood. He wanted a nap. Since he’d been a good sport about traipsing along to all the shoe stores, I let him have his way.

The bed was comfortable, but not as comfortable as I remembered when Susie and I were there 6 years ago. I missed my pillow. I have a cool gel memory foam pillow. The pillows were big fat down pillows and were just too much. I suppose better big and fat than flat and lumpy.

I am generally a power napper. Fifteen minutes and I am good to go. Zung likes an hour. When he woke up, we were both hungry. I had a long list of potential lunch places. At the top of my list was Comme Cá over at the Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan was a hotel  located at the new (to us, anyway) City Center, which was right next door to Bellagio. We walked over and were wowed by the crystals draped EVERYWHERE.

There were also a couple very cool shoe sculptures.

(You may have noticed that I changed my capris. Those white ones had not held up well under the hours of travel and were looking baggy and sad. I am not a baggy and sad kind of girl).

We went up to the second floor, found Comme Cá and found that it was only open for lunch on the weekends. We walked around, trying to decide on plan B. There was another restaurant there I had on my list, Milo’s, but they were only open until 2:30 and I wasn’t sure if they would take us at 2:30. Only one way to find out – ASK! They said yes, we’d come in just in time.

Milo’s is a fairly expensive restaurant for dinner (probably would run $200-300 for two, mid-range for Vegas), but they had a lunch special of $20.12 (for 2012) for a three course meal. There were a couple up charges for two of the apps and two of the entrees. And drinks are outrageous everywhere, so while it was not an inexpensive lunch by the time we left, it was cheaper than dinner would have been.

Zung had a beer that he’d had in Colorado and was surprised to see on the menu.

I had some drink with tea and I can’t remember what else (maybe peach and basil?). It was yummy. Our waiter had recommended it. The service was exemplary. Our waiter was from Ecuador and was about to go on a 3 week vacation back there. Although he’d grown up in Connecticut, he was very excited about being in Ecuador with his family. Gotta love a young man who enjoys spending time with his family.

We both ordered the tomato salad, which had olive oil, herbs and feta cheese. It was good, but nothing special.

Zung ordered the Mediterranean Bass. He said it was outstanding.





I ordered the lamb chops. This had a $10 up charge. They were good, but I don’t think they were as good as Zung’s Bass. (He kept poaching my fries). I can’t say how the broccoli was because I NEVER eat broccoli.


Dessert was walnut pie for him.

A yogurt martini (with mango puree) for me.

They were both good, but I wouldn’t say outstanding.

The check came to $102. Eating in Vegas is not cheap. Even a bargain is expensive.

Our bellies filled, we were ready for more shopping.



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