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We left Bouchon and made our way to the shopping area of Palazzo. The Venetian has a shopping area, but for some reason, it has never held much appeal for me. I had never been to the shops at Palazzo, so it was virgin territory. I knew they had a Barney’s, and I definitely wanted to check that out. We came upon it right away. It had lots, and lots of shoes. And, this very cool shoe sculpture.

They had some yummy Manolo Blahniks, but I didn’t try them on because I thought they would have them at the Manolo Blahnik store. The prices made me want to swoon. It still boggles my mind that some people have enough money to shop at a store like that. Too expensive for my blood. I looked at the shoes and peeked at the lingerie and then we left.

We went into a hat store. All hats. All the time.

I tried on a hat…

and a fascinator…

We came upon the Jimmy Choo store. I fell in love with Jimmy Choo when we were in Washington DC in January. He’d always come off as stiff and uncomfortable before. But the January experience put him in a new light. Shoes I can do it all day in. Work, that is. On my feet for hours and hours, in my Jimmy Choos. Remember kids, I stand at the bedside in my job, so that is no small accomplishment.

We went in. We had to. He’d be offended if he knew I was in the neighborhood and didn’t stop in to say hi.

I have to say, it was a bit of a disappointment. It was mostly vanilla shoes. I did try on one gorgeous pair of very high heels that were a beige and black. Gorgeous. But they were too small, even though they were my size. I asked for the next size up, but they didn’t have them. She kindly offered to order them for me. They could be delivered to my house.

Let’s see, buy a pair of $800 shoes that I had never tried on in the right size?

That would be a NO.

Plus, I was just getting started. Half the fun is in the hunt.

We left and walked along and I looked in a store that had red carpeting. What is that? I looked up. And gasped. Literally gasped.

Christian Louboutin.

“A whole store!” I was beside myself. My voice actually quivered.

We went in and I surveyed all the options. They weighed heavily towards the spiked and then the classics. I tried on a tasteful (non-spiked) pair of classic navy stilettos. I tried on another pair, but I can’t remember much about them. You can’t go wrong with a classic navy stiletto. They will be in style forever. It would be an investment, really.

I guess I wasn’t in to making an investment. I wanted something sexy. Not that they didn’t make my legs look sexy. But like the Jimmy Choo store had lots of vanilla, these were like chocolate. Tastier than vanilla, but you can get them anywhere.

Plus, there was a lady in there at the same time, trying on a pair of black stilettos. She went on and on and on…about how her feet swelled. Really lady, we don’t want to know!

They were definitely in the running, but I wasn’t ready to commit yet.

We talked about going back to the Bellagio, but I realized we were right next to the Wynn, which is where the Manolo Blahnik store is. As opposed to Jimmy Choo, which has at least three stores in Vegas (Forum, Palazzo and Crystal shopping centers) – which is almost slutty how much he spreads himself around –Blahnik only has two stores IN THE COUNTRY, New York and Vegas.

The store in Vegas holds a special place in my heart because that is where I bought my very first pair of obscenely expensive shoes.

When we got to the Wynn shops we first looked in the Rolex store. Rolex has a special place in our hearts too. But that was another post in another vacation. (Do a search – it is the one titled “Conspicuous Consumption and Other Assumptions).

We looked in another store that had nice shoes. Then we went to the crown jewel, Manolo Blahnik.

They were having a SALE! I tried on lots of shoes. Robert helped me with my choices and even brought me a couple of his favorites. He was from Mexico, Chiuaua. That should probably read, Chiuaua, Mexico. We told him how much we love Mexico. He was very nice. I wanted to buy pair of shoes from him.

There was a pair I liked very much. Of course they were not one of the ones that were on sale. They were strappy black and white polka dot stilettos. They were gorgeous. But they weren’t that comfortable and I worried that they would move into the uncomfortable zone after a few hours. I told Robert I needed to think about it. When I got some distance from the gorgeousness of them I decided $700 was a lot for shoes that were not leather.

But I did have fun in there. (And Robert commented to Zung about how well I walked in heels – well, yeaaa!).

After I had Zung take this picture I chastised him for not telling me how really unflattering I looked in this outfit.

We played some slots, took some pictures and then took a taxi back to Bellagio, new shoeless still.



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  1. The amazing restraint you showed around all those shoes has left me in shock! I thought for sure you would be picking up a pair or two from Robert!! All of that reminds me of the shops at the Plaza- they have a hat shop, too. 🙂

  2. I don’t have that kind of money to throw around and I hadn’t had enough to drink to be delusional enough to think I did. When you buy shoes like that, you wait for the moment when you know they are “the ones.”

  3. Some people collect art, some people collect cars, some people collect coins. At least when you collect designer shoes, everyone gets to admire them. Way to go, girl!

    I love Vegas! Glad you had a good time. We have been to Vegas at least 30 times over the years. Most of my memories are of 40 years ago when the mob still ruled and we stayed at places like the Stardust and the Sands and other long gone hotels. Got to see a lot of great headliners like Johnny Carson. Actually the Stardust review back then featured a magician act that lasted about 20 minutes called Siegfried and Roy! Much history has passed and a lot of the old Vegas is gone.

    My favorite part of Bellagio (it was brand new when I was there last) was of the chocolate shop in the back with the three colored chocolate river going up and over the shop!

  4. you guys look great
    looks like a fabola trip

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