Best Family Vacation comes to an end

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To make our day of departure easier to take, Susie and I had booked our massages so we would have something special to look forward to. She was going to join us for breakfast.

It started raining before we left, and it’s like the heavens opened up. When it slowed down a tiny bit we took our umbrella and headed off. People have complained in reviews and trip reports about the floors being slippery. They are marble and do get slippery, but the staff  was out immediately wiping away the water. Seems like you just need to use a little common sense and be patient. My guess is most accidents are because people make a run for it in the rain and you just can’t do that on wet marble.

Our waiter that morning had a great personality and taught me how to say “wet” in Spanish, which I have now forgotten. When Susie and I got up to leave he commented that she was nice, like his sister. I said “Oh, how many sisters do you have? Just the one?” He thought a minute and replied, “I don’t know, I’ll have to ask my daddy.” I laughed so hard.

We walked over to El Spa an hour before our appointment so we could use the “wet” area. This includes a large coed pool and then there is a room with different types of jacuzzis and therapeutic showers for both the men and the women. I must not be a jacuzzi connoisseur because except for temperature, it was all just bubbles to me.

Unfortunately the electricity was off and nothing worked. We hung out in the big pool and explored until it was time to get our massages. They were excellent, if a bit steamy. About 2/3 of the way through the electricity came on and we got to check out the jacuzzis and showers afterwards. Definitely allow time for this if you use the spa.

We went back to our rooms to pack up. I called for the bell boys to come get our bags at noon because that is check-out time. Our concierge saw us leave. We planned to get lunch because our ride didn’t get there until 1:45. The boys decided they wanted tacos from the commercial center again. The rest of us wanted air-conditioning, but when we got to the restaurant near the lobby (the same one where we’d eat breakfast) it was closed with no sign about when it opened. It was 12:20 and on our way back we saw it was opened, but I still don’t know what time it opens for lunch.

Susie wasn’t about to walk back to the other restaurant so she caught up with the boys. Zung and I walked back and ate at the non-air-conditioned restaurant by the pool. I was so hot my hands were buzzing. I drank some water and felt a little better. To ensure proper hydration, I ordered a rum and coke as well.

After lunch we went to the lobby to check out. We were told there was a charge of $10/room for checking out late. I explained we had vacated the rooms at noon, so they took the charge off. This is always how we’ve done it, including at the Grand and never been charged a late check out fee. I guess next time I’ll know to get to the lobby by noon to take care of the check out.

We went to the lobby bar for one last Havanna rum and coke.

(I’m wearing my new necklace in this picture. When I walked by the store, the guy who sold me the necklace was sitting out front and saw me and tried to get me to come in and look at some matching ear rings, but I was in too much of a hurry at that moment. It would take me years before I finally bought matching ear rings).

Zung appears to be drinking something other than a Havana rum and coke.

I had big plans to smuggle some Havana rum back home, but Zung wouldn’t buy into it and I knew if we got caught I’d never hear the end of it. (If you’ve read my other trip reports you will know I’ve since become quite the rum runner).

Our ride came and we were at the airport in no time. We made some legal purchases at the duty-free store, had an early dinner at Margaritaville and then it was time to board our plane. Our vacation had come to an end. It was an awesome family vacation. Everyone agreed the Lindo is the best place we’ve been as a family.

We were already looking forward to returning the next year – having no idea THAT would be the vacation from hell (aka the heart attack trip).

That trip has already been blogged.

In two days Zung and I leave for a short trip to Las Vegas. Short is all I can take of Vegas. I love the food and shopping and the over the top, fantasy-land of it all. But after a couple days I am way over-stimulated. But I knew I needed new material to blog about (even though it’s not a Mexico trip). I’ll go to great lengths to keep my readers happy!

2 days until my Vegas trip with Zung

61 days until my Vegas trip to celebrate Erika’s (my best friend) 40th birthday

and…………….87 days until Zung and I return to the Grand!


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  1. Hi there! Your family is just so gorgeous- I’m very glad you all enjoyed the resort so much, I’m sure we’ll all head there someday, too- have a great time in Las Vegas (I’ve never been!), and of COURSE have fun on your return to the Grand-

  2. A,
    I hope you and Zung have a great trip to Vegas!! Happy shoe shopping too:) Less than 87 days for me!! Can’t wait!!

    1. Thanks ladies! I plan on having a “winning” time in Vegas! If only scoring a great pair of shoes!

  3. Your Blog has been so enlightening! My family booked our trip to Iberostar and we’ll be sitting on the beach in 7 weeks. We haven’t been on a family vacation in 5 years and you have got me PUMPED! I felt as if I as there with you guys. (I was laughing along with you!) Makes me feel so much better and I KNOW we will be having as much fun as your family. Thank you!

    1. It sounds like we will be there at the same time. We can meet for a drink if you’d like.

  4. What a great read. My family is booking for March 2013. My husband and I were married there 11 years ago in March. So we will have a family vacation there, albeit different than yours as our children are only 7 and 10. We were back in Mexico last year, but at an adult only (Excellence), now looking forward to sharing this resort with our kids. Still trying to decide between Lindo and Maya. What time of year were you there?

    1. This trip was in late July or August. I actually can’t remember exactly. It was pretty busy. March of course will be busy with spring Break. Iberostar has some funky room occupancy requirements at that time of year to avoid Spring Breakers. Lindo guests used to be able to use most of the Mya restaurants, but they have changed that, so now I would probably book the Maya. The rooms are nicer too. Walk through the courtyards of the room buildings. Very cool. Read my vow renewal report. It has lots of pics of the Maya.

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