Cajun Neglect and Investment Advice

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The last day of vacation is always a challenge. Part of you is so sad that vacation is ending. I battle with that part by saying, “I’m going to enjoy every last minute of this vacation!” I try hard to live in the moment. Today had been sweltering hot, Nicholas hadn’t felt good for a while (we call that “natural consequences in Love and Logic Parenting). But it had been a good day. Every day of this vacation had been a good day. It would go down as one of the very best family vacations we ever had.

Our dinner reservations were at the Cajun restaurant. We had enjoyed that food and atmosphere the most of all the restaurants we’d been to.

We went back to our rooms to get ready. We had 7:00 reservations, which Susie, Zung and I arrived to on time. The boys, Nicholas in particular, SUCK at being on time to anything. I always say it’s because he was born a week early by a scheduled Cesarean Section and he has been trying to show us ever since that he will decide when he’s going to arrive.

We were seated…and ignored. We weren’t even given water. Forget about drink orders. Just ignored. At first I thought it was because our whole party was not there yet, but Nicholas and Patrick showed up a mere 5 minutes later (and in Nicholas’ mind, that qualifies as being early), and they still continued to ignore us.

It was so out of the ordinary to get poor service, I was very surprised. It has been my experience that service at Iberostar is very good to outstanding, and in general, in Mexico, service is very good. So this was an uncommon experience.

It was at least another 5 minutes before we got water. Then they ignored us again for a while. Someone came by to get our drink orders. (Really, give me a drink right away and you could probably ignore me for a good half hour before I’d notice). Wait, wait, wait. Someone came by to get our drink orders, AGAIN. Wait, wait, wait.

Someone FINALLY came by to get our food orders. We went to the buffet to get our salads and appetizers. The waiter from the first night saw Zung and said hello and, “You came back!” (Part of us was regretting that decision).

We finally got our drinks. It seemed like several different waiters were coming over to attend to us, and then finally one seemed to take over. I hate to feel aggravated when I’m on vacation, but I least need a glass of wine to help me chill out with lousy service. The food was good and at the end of our meal our waiter came over and asked if we wanted him to take our picture.


I don’t know what to think of this restaurant. The first night the service was good, until they kicked us out, and this night, well, you just read it. It was all kind of confusing.

(Take note of how freakin’ dark Zung is. He sits in the shade the whole, damn time! So annoying).

The kids went back to the room.

Zung and I headed for the Lobby Bar.

But wait! Let’s just pop in to the jewelry store and have a look-see. I wasn’t planning on buying anything on this trip. But there it was. A necklace I really could not live without. It called out to me. It said, “Look at how beautiful I am. We must be together. Buy me, buy me, buy me!”

Well, when jewelry speaks to you, you better listen. You better obey. Or bad things might happen. So, I obeyed.  It was an absolute gorgeous tanzanite necklace that I still wear ALL the time and always get compliments on. Most of my best jewelry pieces have come from Mexico.

We did the, how much is it, this is how much it is, I can’t pay that much, what can you pay, I can pay this much, and eventually come to a price that I think is reasonable and he must too, because that is what he sells it to me for.

I tell Zung it’s an early birthday present. A fact that I will conveniently forget when my birthday comes around a couple of months later when we are in Vegas and I buy my very first pair of obscenely expensive designer shoes (Manolo Blahnik, which I have worn regularly and STILL get compliments on – an investment, to be sure. Shoes and jewelry – both excellent investments).

Ooops! I kind of got off track there.

Jewelry purchase completed, we finally arrived at the Lobby Bar.

Our favorite waitress is there. We tell her it is our last night and she gives me a big hug.

The lovely and personable Ahleli, who, thankfully, now works at the Grand and we get to see her every time we go. She is delightful! I can’t wait to see her when we go in 91 days (but who is counting?)

We didn’t stay out late. We’re lightweights. What can I say?

This last day had had some highlights and some medium-lights. Overall, this trip had rocked!

We still had hours to enjoy tomorrow, before our departure back to the real world, which, sadly, does not include beaches and rum-filled afternoons.



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