Jet Skis, Waves and Hangover Cures

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Our last full day in paradise was a beauty. Sunny and HOT. They were handing out Mimosas at breakfast as you went in. I never want to offend the people who work so hard to do these things, so, of course, I had one.

We ate, and smuggled more donuts out for the kids.

I’m sure there was the whole putting on of swim suits and slathering of sunscreen. I can’t say I remember. What I remember is that we were soon at the beach.

It looked like we would manage to not have gone in any of the pools the entire trip. What can I say? We are beach people. I have to say I laugh when people complain about the wave pool not working often enough. There’s real waves on the beach 24/7 people!

Hmmm, that picture doesn’t show waves, does it? (The people might complain, the ocean doesn’t have enough waves). Wait! Here are some waves.

And while this was from another trip, it was right down the beach, in front of the Grand. These waves kicked my ass.

Yes, there WAS a wardrobe malfunction with my swim suit after that wave.

I was determined to spend all day in the sun so everyone back home would be sure to ask where I had gotten that fabulous tan. I didn’t count on the sweltering heat. I tried, but it got the better of me and I caved and moved into the shade around noon.

The kids came out and told us some stories about another night at the disco. Oh to be young again.

Or not. (I actually never did things like that when I was young, I was always responsible).

Nicholas drank too much again and said he was going to head back to the room for a bit, he just didn’t feel good. I said I might have something to make him feel better and walked back with him. It was soooo hot. Part of the reason I went back was so I could be in our air-conditioned room for a few minutes.

My secret hangover cure is a homeopathic called Nux Vomica. I know, gotta love the name. I gave him a few pellets and said if he didn’t feel better in half an hour take five more. He came out about a half hour later, fairly amazed at how much better he felt. It’s actually good for overeating too and now he carries it with him at all times. When we went on this trip he worked in a restaurant that served pretty rich food and they fed him, but the food was really rich and he says it worked great.

Zung had reserved jet skis for him and the boys at 2:00. Patrick was none too happy to learn he couldn’t drive since he was under 16. Truth be told, they broke that little rule.
The jet ski place is way down at the end where the Del Mar is. I walked down so I could take pictures. They were pretty disorganized and we ended up waiting about half an hour past their reserved time. They enjoyed it though.

Sadly, and much too quickly, our last day had come to an end. We did have dinner to look forward to.

We would return to a favorite, and hope we wouldn’t get thrown out this time.


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