Cliff Jumping and Dinner at the Steakhouse

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Our last stop on our Mayan Adventure was cliff jumping. We hiked from the van to an open cenote and Spongebob gave us the low down.

Part of the low down was how far down it was to the water. The red sign says it’s 12 feet to the water and the water is 16 feet deep. However, Spongebob told us it was a 15 feet jump. I distinctly remember this because it was at this point that I said, “Uhhhh, is there another way down to the water?” Because I had no desire to jump 15 feet off a cliff. Had I know it was only 12 feet I would have said, “Sure, no problem.” But 15 feet gave me a long pause.

In answer to my question, Spongebob said, “This is a Mayan ADVENTURE.”

To which I replied, “Yes, but is there another way down?”

He pointed to some stairs and said, “We call that the chicken way.”

All three kids jumped off.

(Susie has a tattoo of a dragon on her back. She was born in the year of the dragon. Nicholas has a tiger tattoo, he was born in the year of the tiger. Patrick was born in the year of the monkey and he has a tattoo of a fierce baboon. Zung wants to get a tattoo of a dragon – he was born in the year of the pig – but I’ve said no. I briefly considered getting a tattoo of a ring on my pinkie finger that turns into a bracelet, but I’m afraid I’ll regret it when I grow up).

(That would be Nicholas).

(Patrick already in the water and Nicholas making the splash.)

Zung jumped off the cliff (sorry, no picture).

Then a kid about eight years old jumped off.

The gauntlet had been thrown down.

OH, all right.

I removed my rings and

…big splash and lots of water up my nose.

Cliff jumping, kayaking, whatever will be next?

No one can ever say I don’t try new and scary things.

The kids got bored with jumping off the cliff, so they started climbing the tree on the edge of the cliff and jumping off that.

Show offs.

The cenote was full of fish and I also saw an eel. Very cool.

The cliff jumping was the culmination of adventures and we headed back to the Lindo.


It was a fun day. I was proud of us for doing it because it seems like every time we go to PDC we talk about doing these kinds of things and then get a bad case of relaxed once we arrive and end up doing nothing. We did pass on going into PDC and walking 5th Avenue this time.

We got back to the Lindo in time to shower and dress for dinner at the Steakhouse over at the Maya. It was one of our more disappointing meals. It had the whole western theme thing going. Service was adequate. Food was adequate. Nothing more. We didn’t get the blooming onion I had read about and saw at other tables and we could never get our waiter’s attention long enough to ask about it. (It wasn’t on the menu). Apps and dessert were buffet.

We went to the lobby for a drink. They have a really cool snake hanging from the ceiling wrapped around this round thing. We didn’t take any pics on this trip, but we have an awesome pic from our vow renewal trip.

The Maya lobby bar is very cool, to be sure, but it was lacking the ambience of the outdoor Lindo lobby bar.

Patrick and Nicholas posed for a picture in front of the bar. Damn, are my kids not incredibly good-looking? Am I allowed to say that? Well, I guess I just did.


Susie and Nicholas went out that evening to play pool and go to the disco. The disco door guy turned down the bribe to get Patrick in again. Nicholas drank too much again and tomorrow I would reveal my hangover cure to him. (He was in a bad way and I felt sorry for him). Stay tuned.



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