Mayan Adventure- Part Uno

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Everyone got up early so we could have breakfast together. I should have taken a picture, because it’s the only time THAT happened.

After breakfast we went out to the Lindo lobby porte chochere to wait for our tour van. He arrived on time. His name was Mezarim. He said it was an Egyptian name. He was, however, Mexican. His nickname is Spongebob – which was easier for us all to remember. Our first stop would be Yal-Kul in Akumal, about an hour’s drive from the hotel. The five of us were the only ones in our van. When we got to our destination we joined another van of 10 for all the things we did. Their guide was nicknamed Booboo.
Who comes up with these names?
They were both super nice guys. We liked them a lot.
We snorkeled for a good long time in Yal-Kul and saw a barracuda and a sting ray. No turtles though. The water looks like oil is in it because it’s fresh and salt mixed. That was pretty weird. Our guides kept a close eye on us, so all five of us made it back to the van.
Patrick had a 15 yr old moment when he said “That wasn’t worth an hours drive.”
Fine, next time we’ll just leave you at home.

Still trying to find that happy, harmonious family vibe .

Next stop was an underground cenote.


They took our pictures, threw in a few nature pics and sold it to us on a cd for $20. Seemed like a bargain. The cenote was way cool. And cold too. I could have done without knowing there were bats in there with us though.

This one was our Christmas card pic that year. (I don’t send out Christmas cards anymore – there came a year when I said, “Something’s gotta give.”)

Nearby was a building where we had lunch. It was chicken and tortillas and rice and beans. Spongebob said the hardest part of his job was eating the same thing for lunch 6 days a week. We enjoyed it though.

The day had been really fun and “adventurous” so far. I felt like it had lived up to its billing of a “Mayan Adventure.” Little did I realize that the true Adventure had yet to come. Well, I do like to do something I’ve never done before on these trips.

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