Japanese Cuisine and Sibling Drama

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Dinner was at the Japanese restaurant, over at the Beach hotel. It was rather a bit of a hike. Especially when one is rocking high heels.

Susie had been grumbling all day about the boys. Said, next time we should just leave them at home.

We arrived at the Japanese restaurant and were seated at a HUGE teppanyaki table. When I say huge, I mean, it seated a lot of people. I’d never seen one so large before.

A single guy was seated next to me (as in, he appeared to be traveling alone). I have to admit, I think I would be chicken to go to a place like the Lindo alone. It’s all families and couples and groups. In some ways it seems even more intimidating than going to a place like the Grand as a single.

He spoke Spanish, so I couldn’t converse with him. He did seem to be having a good time. It was a bit awkward when the waiter put down a plate of sushi for us to share. We managed to work past it though.

The waiter came around with a couple of bottles of wine, asking if we wanted “Blanco” or “Tinto.” Ugh, not that stuff again. I asked for the Tinto and took a sip and then for good measure, took another sip. Nope. It had gotten no better since the first night when it was awful.

When the waiter came around again, I asked him if maybe, please, with a cherry on top, could he find us some Cabernet. That sweet, young man found us a bottle and kept our glasses filled all evening long. Gotta love a waiter like that. And gotta tip him well.

Susie and Nicholas were sitting next to each other, and she was letting him know exactly HOW unhappy she was with his behavior the previous night. I knew she wanted a simple and sincere apology. She told him, and he delivered the apology, but she didn’t think it was sincere and left the table in tears.

Ahhh, it just ain’t a family vacation without some drama, right? Three can be hard and the boys are thick as thieves and she was feeling like the odd man out. I explained this to the boys. Nicholas said, “Did she say that?” Why yes, Nicholas, she did say just that.When she came back to the table, her brothers made an effort to be nicer to her and harmony was restored, yet again.

The food was good. We had an assortment of chicken, beef and shrimp dishes. And fried rice. Always the yummy fried rice. One chef cooks for both sides of the huge table. Did I mention it was huge?

Dessert was a buffet. I passed on dessert. I MUST not have been feeling good. As we know, dehydration is better treated with water, which I did drink some of, than wine, which I drank a lot of.

We went back to our room. Long hike again. I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t get any shorter going back.

I told the kids that I didn’t think anyone should go out tonight because we had to get up for our Mayan Adventure tour the next morning.

I also thought Nicholas needed to give his body time to detox.

Sorry there were no pictures. The photographer must have been slacking.

Next up, Mayan Adventure which will include a “you want me to jump off of where?” moment.


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