Tacos, hangovers and wooden horses

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Our fifth day brought another beautiful sunny day. As we headed off for breakfast we stopped and knocked on the kids door. Susie had expressed interest in going to the big buffet (something about hot, fresh donuts). However, when she answered the door she declined. She said she had not gotten much sleep. “Nicholas went out, got drunk and woke me up a bunch of times.”

Uh oh.

Zung and I went for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the lobby to exchange some money. We tip a lot. I know, I know, “All Inclusives” are supposed to include tips. However, the service is so amazing, I feel like tipping generously is appropriate. The employees work hard. They deserve to be tipped. There is also a great debate over whether to tip in pesos or US dollars. I figure, it’s Mexico and the peso is the national currency, so I tip in pesos.

We went to the area outside the lobby where the tour people hang out and found our Olympus rep and booked a Mayan Adventure for the next day. Zung had gone out ahead of me while I exchanged money (he doesn’t like to do anything that has to do with money other than make it – it’s a system that has worked, more or less, for us). When I went out, he was talking to a Funjet rep. I redirected him, not knowing HOW he could have made that mistake. The Funjet dudes wear teal blue shirts, whereas the Olympus dudes wear bright orange shirts. They like you to book with your rep. And in case you are wondering, Apple dudes wear bright, flowered shirts.

With that task completed, we wandered around for a bit.

We saw a peacock. They are all over the place. In fact, if you read my last trip report, you saw the picture of the white peacock that is an Iberostar Paraiso resident.

We found the buildings of the Maya hotel. 

There is a very cool lobby bar and we decide we need to come here one night for a drink.

We go back to the room and deliver the kids donuts that we smuggled out. Actually, since they had paper plates at the buffet, I think it was okay to remove food from the buffet.

One day I smuggled out some ham and sausage for some of the stray kitties that roam the property. They are pretty skinny. But my two cats may have given me a distorted idea of what is the ideal cat physique.

Zung and I went to the beach. Susie joined us not long after and we went to the other buffet so I could have my second breakfast of the day and she could have her first (not counting the donuts).

She was very grumpy and reported the events of the previous night that resulted in her grumpiness. (I have already reported these events in a previous post because I got mixed up about when they occurred).

She and I returned to the beach and it was not long after that we were joined by the boys. We decided to eat lunch at the taqueria over in the shopping center. We would have dessert at the crepe place (actually it’s a crepe and ice cream place).

Nicholas didn’t have much of an appetite though. What he did have, was a screaming hangover.

While I did not have a hangover, my appetite wasn’t that great either. While it could have been from the fact that I’d had two breakfasts, I also think I was running slightly dehydrated all week long because I would drink a couple of glasses of water and instantly feel better. I live in a really dry climate and am good about drinking at home, but in that humidity, I forget. Well, I DRINK, but adult beverages don’t count since they contribute to dehydrating you.

Susie and I went over to El Spa and made appointments for massages on Sunday. Sunday was our day of departure. I was thinking that if I got a massage then I would not feel tense about flying. We planned to go a bit before our massages so we could take advantage of the wet areas – the showers, pool and jacuzzis.

I took a picture of Susie with the big wooden horse.

We returned to the beach.

The boys took out a catamaran.

They were building something over by the Grand. This was to become the water sports hut. It was fascinating watching them put on the grass roof. (I’m easily entertained).

We were looking forward to a nice dinner at the Japanese restaurant.

But it just wouldn’t be a family vacation without a little family drama, now, would it?


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