Afternoon Activities and Dinner at El Museo (aka The Gourmet)

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Our harmonious family vacation continued.

Susie wanted to go kayaking again (really? again? voluntarily? did they switch my baby at birth or something?). Either she was kind enough not to ask me again (and knew what I’d say) or she just didn’t want to listen to my whining. She asked Zung instead. He must not have whined like I did, because she asked him to go another time after that. And he went. Go figure.

Since I didn’t have to go kayaking, I was happy to serve as the official kayak photographer.

(This guy is thinking, “Thank god I don’t have to give guided tours.”)

The boys are thinking, “We don’t need no stinkin’ kayak. We’ll just body surf.

“And then walk around so the girls can ogle our bods.”

“Just in case they don’t know how cool and hip we are.”

The rest of the day was spent relaxing under the palapa we were very glad we had. There are plenty of chairs on the beach, but you have to not mind a little sizzling in the sun.

When we’d had enough fun and sun, we returned to our room to get dressed for dinner.

I just love the extensive water features of the Lindo/Maya grounds. The curvy structure in the background is the theatre.

Dinner was at El Museo, the gourmet/French restaurant.

Contrary to what it looks like, I did not tell everyone to wear black and white. This is just what everyone chose  on their own. We looked great together though, did we not?

One of the very, very nice things about El Museo is that diners must be older than 12. Or 12 and older. I can never get that straight. But there are no little curtain climbers running around and whining because they are tired from too long a day in the sun. (Where’s the nanny? – just kidding. I firmly believe in raising your own kids.)

There may be adults whining and crying about too long a day in the sun. But you can’t have everything, can you?

I didn’t take good notes about dinner. I actually didn’t take any notes at all. All I know is that I had the lamb. Dinner was good. The restaurant was very nice and the service was good. And we didn’t get asked to leave.

We did leave, however, when we were done, and went to the Lobby Bar.

Here is Susie, trying (unsuccessfully) to impersonate a gang Ho.

This is a repeat picture of Nicholas. It was featured earlier in this trip report, to show the lovely Ahleli, in the background.

Nicholas inherited the flushing when you drink thing from his dad.

As you can see from this picture, there is still perfect, family harmony. Take a long look. I will finish tonight’s post here, because this is where the perfect family harmony ended.


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