Beach Party and Topless Experiences

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Recently, in a comment, someone asked how I remembered all the details of a trip that was taken so many years ago. I actually first wrote this trip report right after we took the trip. I have made some modifications, but basically it is a recycled trip report. Which makes it all the funnier that I still made this mistake the second time around. The shenanigans that I reported in my last post actually didn’t happen until this night. The reason I am ‘fessing up to this is because on this new day, Wednesday, there was still peace and harmony in our family.

Our morning routine was not deviated from. Open the drapes, confirm it is a sunny, beautiful day, Zung goes to get beach chairs under a palapa and then returns for me and we got to the buffet for breakfast. We then go and use previously obtained beach chairs. Susie then comes and collects me for my second breakfast.

(It’s always hard posing next to her, with her flat abs).

The boys wander out at some point and they may or may not have gotten up in time for breakfast. But they are boys and don’t care if it is breakfast food or lunch food, as long as it fills their tummies, they are happy.

On Wednesday they have a big beach party. They bring out a HUGE paella pan and give guests that want to help their very own chef’s hat and believe me, they need the help, because they make a boat-load of paella.


Note the chica in the black bikini top and yellow skirt. She will become important later in today’s post.

Another feature of the beach party is some kind of fruity drink that either had alcohol in it or I was starting to suffer from heat stroke, and it felt too good to be heat stroke.

There was a band.


Susie was recruited for the bikini contest (well, DUH!).


She had to dance. I think she held back a little because she was called up first and didn’t know what was expected of her.


There was one girl who was pretty uninhibited for the dance part. She didn’t win and Susie commented, “Sometimes, less is more.”

The girl in the black bikini in the paella picture won. Susie then commented, “And sometimes, more is more.”

I can’t remember what she won (if anything, other than the glory of the title).

The paella was hot and good.

I could have done without the shrimp with their heads attached though. Susie could REALLY do without them. (This may have been one of her vegetarian phases).


The day before, Susie had announced that she wanted to even out her tan lines by sunbathing topless.

I feel like waaaay too much attention is paid to the whole topless thing. They are breasts. Their purpose is for feeding babies. Get over it! In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m a lactation consultant. I see breasts all the time. I really wish people didn’t get so wigged out about them. Especially when there is a baby attached to them. One day there was a lady standing near the boardwalk, in a bikini, breastfeeding her baby. You had to really look to tell what she was doing and you couldn’t see anything you didn’t want to unless you were being inappropriate. But, I digress (I’m developing a habit of that, aren’t I?).

I pointed out that going topless in front of her dad and brothers might be a tad bit weird. She agreed and planned to temporarily relocate, and she wanted me to accompany her. Well, of course I would, what’s a mom for?

We took our towels and walked down the beach a bit and pulled some chairs up to the where the beach is almost at the water’s edge. She had a book and was discreet.

Two funny things happened during her topless expeditions, on two different days.

That first day, right next to us was a lady about my age, or maybe a little younger. Her daughters, about 10 and 12, were next to her, playing in the sand. When she saw Susie take off her top, she took off her own top. He girls shrieked, and I mean SHREIKED, “MOOOOOOOM! DON’T DO THAT!”

It was so funny. She covered herself up, but a little while later when she was tying her top back on and showed some nip, the shrieking started again. I wanted to tell them that their shrieking was probably bringing more attention to the situation than their mom showing any skin.

That all happened yesterday. Today, she announced it was time to go tan topless again, so we made our way to the water’s edge and she pulled out her book. A group of kids her age walks by and one of the guys turns and says, “Hey Colorado, you should have won that bikini contest.” (They had announced where the chicas were from).  She laughed and said, “I know, right?”

They kept walking, but on their way back, when we were getting ready to go back to where our guys were, the guy who had called out to her came and sat down next to her (she had her top back on) and started talking to her.

I went back to our chairs and she came back a few minutes later. She said he was nice, but seemed a little obsessed with his ex-girlfriends. (At that time Susie had been in a relationship for 3 1/2 years, so she wasn’t “looking”). The funny thing was, she never asked to go topless again. It was like she didn’t feel anonymous anymore.

It had been an eventful day, but it wasn’t over yet.


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