Dinner at the Italian and simmering sibling situations

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With good health and world order restored to our vacation, Zung and Nicholas got something to eat. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach. We went in the water. Much is written about the rocks in the water. The boys DID have some close encounters with them. However, they are easy to see and we managed to avoid them for the most part. This is probably one of those things you should not try if you are on the buzzed side of consuming adult beverages. Objects are often not larger than they appear when you are in this state.

There was a fair amount of fine seaweed. The water is not that unbelievable blue/turquoise of Playacar. But it IS quite nice and we enjoyed our time in it, quite a lot.

We had dinner at the Italian restaurant. At this time, the Italian was in the other half of the La Pagoda buffet (where they serve breakfast and lunch buffets). They have since moved the Italian to El Fogon, which is the buffet by the pool.

Dinner was good.  Sorry, that is all I remember or wrote about it. And I can’t say the Italian has wowed me since, so it may have just been okay.

I don’t think we went to the Lobby Bar, or if we did, it was very briefly. We headed back to our rooms.

Apparently the boys decided to venture out later to play pool. There are a couple of pool tables behind the Lobby Bar.

Over the next few days the story would come out that after they played pool, they went over to the disco. The disco starts at 11 pm and is adults only. There is a teen disco earlier in the evening, but for obvious reasons, Nicholas was not interested in that.

The way the story goes is, Nicholas tried to bribe the guy at the door of the disco to let Patrick in (I guess they check bracelets to make sure you have an adult bracelet). When this piece of information was divulged, I asked how much they offered the guy. Nicholas said, “Well, I only had $4.”

ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s insulting.

But then he told us the guy behind them had a roll of $20’s that he pulled out to assist them in their bribe. (So nice to hear about a fellow traveler willing to help out another traveler in their time of need).

The Iberostar employee wasn’t having any and turned Patrick away. He returned to the room, waking Susie up.

Nicholas got good and drunk (as young 20 something’s are want to do). An Iberostar employee made sure Nicholas made it back to the room safe and sound (thank you very much, that is going above and beyond, and highly appreciated in view of the fact that our room was right near the pool). Susie was again woken up. It was about 3 am when he stumbled into their room. He needed assistance getting from the bathroom to the bed. Susie provided said assistance, but was none to happy about having to provide it and especially not at 3 am.  This would lead to some waves in our, so far, pretty harmonious family vacation.

The thing about over indulging… pay for it the next day. The more you over indulge, the bigger that payment is. One of the cruel facts of life.


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