We interrupt this vacation for a trip to the hospital

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Day 3 – Wake up.

Ohhhhhhh. Right.

“Adult beverages” dehydrate you. Dehydrated + hot climate= more dehydrated + too much of previously mentioned  adult beverages, makes you feel like crap. Which is how I felt this morning.

Because I was feeling “less than chipper”, (euphemism for hung-over), Zung went to get our palapa and chairs without me. We decided this worked well, and continued this routine the rest of the trip. By the time he had gotten back, I was up and ready to get breakfast. Able to think about eating breakfast = not that badly hung over.

It was no big surprise that our little darlings declined to join us again.

After breakfast we went to check out some tour options in case we decided to leave our little paradise for some adventure. We made it clear to the sales rep that an early departure was not in our future. We narrowed it down to two options. Just snorkeling that was a half day but left at 7:15 or “Mayan Adventure” that was snorkeling, visiting an underground cenote and cliff jumping that left at 7:40. It was pretty much all day and included lunch.

We decided to talk with the kids first before deciding.

When we returned to the room, we could see the maid had been by. Today we got towel art and curtain art.

This picture gives you a good sense of a jr. suite room size and appointments.

We made our way to the beach. After a bit, Susie came out to collect me so I could join her for breakfast. Thank goodness it was two different restaurants I was going to. Otherwise the waiters probably would have been putting bets on when I could no longer fit into my bikinis.

The boys were at the breakfast buffet this morning. Nicholas was complaining that his left ear hurt, and he couldn’t hear out of it at all.

Oh crap.

“Not to worry, they have a medical clinic over at the commercial center with a doctor and everything. Probably just an ear infection. He’ll give you some antibiotics and you’ll be fine.” However, I was still feeling less than fine, so I had Zung take him to the medical clinic. It is just across from the shopping center.

I must have started feeling better, because Susie wanted to go kayaking and I agreed. What was I thinking? It was nice and cool on the water, but my hands felt like they were getting blisters and by the time we got back my arms were aching. I whined quite a bit. The whole “enjoy nature” thing is sooo overrated.

The guy asked Susie if we enjoyed it (couldn’t he hear me groaning?).  She said she did, but not me. I groaned and whined my way back to our chairs and sent her to get me a drink – “mas fuertes”!

It seemed like Zung and Nicholas should be back soon from their little trip to see the doctor. I looked around and saw Zung walking toward us, very purposefully.

Uh oh.

He said the clinic doc said he couldn’t visualize Nicholas’ ear drum because there was so much wax in his ear, and it needed to be cleaned out, because if it was infected the ear drum could rupture during the flight home. He made an appointment for Nicholas to see a specialist at Cancun Hospiten. Nicholas was waiting in a cab while Zung told me what was going on. Usually I’m like “I’m the mom, I need to do this”, but I decided to let him take care of it. (After the kayak experience, I had a new definition for “not feeling so great.”)

Susie, Patrick and I enjoyed our day, played in the water and had lunch at the buffet by the pool.

I was feeling vegetable deprived and needed a big salad. The buffet has a great salad bar.

I tried not to worry, but they were gone several hours. Finally, they returned. The good news was that it was not an ear infection. It was only impacted ear wax (a problem he has had since he was a toddler). The doctor cleaned both ears out, the pain went away and he could hear again. Zung reported the hospital was clean, organized and everyone was professional. Everyone but the nurse spoke English well enough that their lack of Spanish was not a problem. The bad news was we were $300 poorer plus another $80 for the cabs.  But, it ended well. You can’t ask for more. (We did not know that the next year’s vacation would bring a much more elaborate interaction with Hospiten Cancun – see October 2010 for that Trip Report – what I affectionately refer to as the Heart Attack trip).  I think the clinic doc at the commercial center must have been fairly inexperienced to not have been able to take care of it (note: he did not charge Nicholas for seeing him, and what doc in the US would do that?). But, let’s face it, if you are an experienced doc, you are not going to be working at a resort clinic. We were very happy with the care. And after some of the horror stories I have read, it was reassuring.Now, let’s get on with this vacation!


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