Lazy Afternoon and Dinner at the Cajun

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I took a nap mid-afternoon. Nicholas disappeared for a while and when he returned he had a bottle of Havanna rum. He’d liked it so much that he’d gone to the Tequileria and bought his own bottle. But a good son shares with his mom, right? I sent him to get me some coke from the self-serve soda station at the bar and made myself a good, strong Havanna rum and coke.  They don’t have Havana rum at the beach bar, so this was the only way I would get it.

We sat around talking and it was another one of those times that felt so good for us all to be together.
We took a lot of pictures that first day.
We went in the water.
We played at the shoreline.
Damn, my boys are good-looking. I do not know why a modeling agency hasn’t signed them up.
Susie headed back to the room pretty early. I went next, because I thought we were going to go to the commercial center so Nicholas could get flip-flops and sunglasses (he’d forgotten them).The guys decided to go for a walk instead and it was too late by the time they got back to the rooms – we had dinner reservations at the Cajun restaurant at 7. I was dressed, so I went to check out the shops on the Lindo property. In the jewelry store they told me they’d offer me a “deal”. I’ve never heard that before (roll eyes).

Susie and I posed for a picture. There are these pools of water throughout the front end of the hotel. They have lots of fountains. Then they turn in to pools that you swim in. It gives the hotel a very cool feel, even when it is sweltering hot.

I was excited about dinner because the Cajun restaurant gets rave reviews. It did not disappoint. They have a buffet for appetizers and dessert. They had coconut shrimp there that was yum. Some of us got soup. You order soup from your waiter and it is brought to you.
The food was excellent. We all got different things. I had the blackened grouper, Zung got the scallops, Susie the jambalaya. It was sooo good.
The service was good until a very odd ending. We had arrived at 7, and by 8:30 we were just finishing the wine (more about the wine in a bit) and just continuing to enjoy each other’s company. The restaurant had emptied out except for one other table and the head waiter came over and said they needed our table. We looked around at the almost empty restaurant in surprise.
We got up and left (and yes, we did leave a tip – even though I felt asking us to leave was inappropriate, it wasn’t our waiters fault). There were people waiting outside, but they don’t have “seatings” at specific times, and I think 1 1/2 hrs is a little tight to schedule people to the point you are asking someone to leave. Anyway, it didn’t ruin our evening, we just felt it was really odd.

The wine deserves a mention because at the Oriental restaurant we asked for some red wine and had seen a display of several different bottles when you first come in. We were given “tinto” that was HORRIBLE. It tasted like old grape juice.

When we were asked about drinks at the Cajun, I asked if they had a Cabernet. They did and it was very drinkable and it was our requested wine the rest of the trip.

After being kicked out of the restaurant we headed to the lobby bar for a visit with our favorite waitress, Alehli.

Nicholas is clearly feeling no pain by this time. He has inherited the flushed look when he has been drinking from his dad. Either that or he didn’t wear enough sunscreen today.


It looks like I have either stopped drinking or am taking a break from drinking, as I am drinking sparkling water in this picture. I don’t drink soda generally, so I’m pretty sure I got to the point where I said, “lo sufficient”! Or just wanted something to help wash down the Mexican shooter I ordered.

Susie has not had too much to drink. She just likes to make goofy faces.

The kids didn’t stay too long this evening. They headed back to the room. My brain was pretty fuzzy at this point. When Zung and I had been at the Grand 5 weeks before, I had difficulty getting any kind of a buzz there. Not so this time, and definitely not so this particular night.

I think Zung and I stopped in at the theatre. We only did this one night. I had a Havanna rum, straight up. It’s the only rum I enjoy drinking straight. Boy, I’m sounding like quite the lush, aren’t I? Gotta stay hydrated, right?

Day 3 would be our first encounter with medical care in Mexico. If you have read all my trip reports, you know eventually we became intimately acquainted with medical care in Mexico. But this was just a minor encounter.


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