Lunch at the Lindo

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The Lindo has a variety of options for lunch, right there at the Lindo. Plus, you can go to the Beach and Del Mar for their lunch buffets. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but you can dine at the restaurants at your hotel, plus any of the hotels that are “below” your hotel. This means the Beach and Del Mar guests can eat at any of the Beach/Del Mar restaurants. Lindo guests can eat at the Lindo restaurants and Beach/Del Mar restaurants. Lindo guests can also eat at a couple of the Maya restaurants, the Steakhouse and Seafood restaurants that are at the Maya. Maya guests can eat at all the Lindo and Beach/DelMar restaurants. Plus they have a Gourmet (sometimes referred to as the French) and Japanese restaurant that are exclusive to the Maya guests (and Grand guests). Grand guests can eat anywhere.

This hierarchy exists with bars as well. Grand guests can go to any bar they want. Lindo and Maya guests can use each others bars and the beach bar serves both Lindo and Maya guests. There is a bar for Beach/Del Mar guests that Maya/Lindo guests can use as well. They can tell which hotel you belong to by the color of your bracelet. The bartenders didn’t come up with this system, so don’t hassle them or try to get them to serve you if the bar isn’t part of your options. (People come up with all kinds of reasons why they should be the exception).

One Lindo lunch option is an outdoor grill right next to the bar, which is right to the left of the end of the boardwalk that leads you from the pool to the beach.

They have burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, grilled steak, pork chops, chips, salsa and guacamole, yellow cheese for nachos, fries, and fruit.

On this, our first day to enjoy lunch, we got food from the grill and took it back to our beach chairs. There are also picnic tables right next to the grill if you prefer eating there. Grilled chicken with guacamole on top is a moderately healthy choice here.

Susie eats lunch and then devours books. This girl loves to read. She’s not just a pretty face. She’s smart too.


If you go back to the pool, the restaurant there, El Fogon, has a buffet for lunch. It has typical buffet food, as well as fresh tacos. There is also the Taqueria over at the shopping center. El Fogon is open air and not air-conditioned, so it can be real warm. There are kitties back by the restrooms. They will ask you for food, sometimes quite insistently. I was known to accommodate them on occasion.

A waiter will take your beverage order and they do serve alcohol, including Havana rum. Or they told me it was Havana rum. I can’t say that I insisted on seeing the bottle.

There is also the main buffet, where we had breakfast. That is back towards the lobby. I believe it is called La Pagoda. It is air-conditioned and has a larger selection, including gazpacho soup (one of my favorites). It’s a longer walk from the beach, so we didn’t eat here often for lunch. However, when you need a break from the heat, it is worth the walk.

On Wednesdays (although I’m sure they reserve the right to change the day) they have a beach party. But today is not Wednesday, so you’ll just have to wait until I get to that day to find out what that is all about.


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  1. This trip was 5 years ago??
    how do you ever remember such detail?

    1. LOL! I cheat. I wrote this trip report when I came home from the trip and posted it on the Playa forums. I have modified it some. But that’s where I get the details, looking up those old trip reports.

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