Breakfast at the Lindo

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I really don’t know HOW I forgot to post this picture in my last post, cause this is one gorgeous girl, is she not? Husband applications are currently being taken. (That comment lets you know that she does NOT read my blog).
Zung and I were up pretty early. We knocked on the kids door to see if anyone wanted to go to breakfast with us. LOL!
Like that is gonna happen. I must have drunk waaay too much rum the night before to have had that thought at that hour of the morning. Truth be told, I am a slow learner. I still occasionally do this.
We took a little detour to the beach to claim a palapa. It was 8:30 and quite a few were claimed already. I hate the towel game and this was NOT something you had to do on the beach at the Grand. But everyone else plays the game, so I can either sink to their level or be virtuous while we bake and sweat in the sun. I chose to sink and be cool.

Chairs claimed, we head off to breakfast at the air-conditioned restaurant that was the Oriental restaurant the night before. They also open up the restaurant space right next door for additional seating, and then they open up the buffets so you can go to both. Zung said that one side made fluffier omelets. He always got an omelet and fresh donuts and was happy. I am so over buffets and never found anything I was that excited with at the Lindo. I don’t eat donuts, but everyone else said they were delicious. The pastries were pretty awful. I love croissants, but I couldn’t eat these. The fresh orange juice was good. I drink black, hot tea, and it was so weak, I finally figured out I needed two bags to make a decent cup. This restaurant had Splenda at some of the tables (which was not available at the Grand and not at any other of the restaurants – go figure – but it is available now everywhere).

After breakfast we went to the lobby so I cold exchange some money. Then back to our room to put on bathing suits and sunscreen. We had left a tip for the maid and our room was made up by the time we returned from breakfast with this cute towel sculpture (notice she put my glasses on it) and curtain art.

We gave the kids money for a tip for their maid. I cared more about the maid getting tipped than about waking them up. They claimed we got better towel art and they never got curtain art. I thought it was funny that they would not only notice, but comment on it.

Out to the beach by about 9:30. Susie came out at 10:30 and wanted me to go to breakfast with her. There is another buffet right by the pool, that serves breakfast and lunch. It is right by the boardwalk that leads to the beach. The walk on this boardwalk was so hot I called it the road to hell.

The people in the photo are feeding the coatis. Coatis are wild animals that live in the jungle between the pool and the beach. There are many signs around that instruct people NOT to feed them. But they are cute, so people think they must not be dangerous. You know that saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt?”
Yea, it’s all fun and cuteness until someone gets bitten or scratched. And then it’s, “How can the hotel allow these dangerous, wild animals near us poor, defenseless, stupid people, who either don’t read the signs, or ignore them?” Moral of the story – don’t feed the cute coatis. And if you do, don’t complain if they do you bodily harm.
We did take pictures of them though.
Susie and I ate breakfast. I had fruit and more weak tea.
There is no air conditioning in this restaurant and it got HOT!

We went back to the beach. We were joined by the boys after a while. We made frequent trips to the bar. They also have waitresses that go around the beach. Over the course of the week they asked us if we wanted a drink maybe 2 or 3 times. Mostly they were kept busy just picking up used glasses. The beach bar was close enough that I didn’t care if I had to go get it myself (or send my husband or one of the big kids ).

The staff at the Lindo works incredibly hard to keep the grounds clean and they do an amazing job, especially considering how many people are there. We never felt like it was anything less that pristine.

After two breakfasts, I was soon thinking about lunch.
Next post – lunch options at the Lindo!

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