First Family Iberostar Vacation – Lindo – August 2007

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Our first family visit to Iberostar Paraiso was to the Lindo in August 2007, a mere 5 weeks after our first ever visit to the Iberostar Grand in June 2007. That was just Zung and I. You can read about that trip by going to the archives and clicking on April 2011.

We loved it so much, we decided to return with the kids. That’s not actually true. We had booked the family vacation at the beginning of May. I’d had my eye on the Lindo for a couple of years. In 2005, they were sold out for the week we could travel. We went to Occidental Grand Xcaret that year. It was OK, but not return-worthy. In 2006 I got lured by the Riu Palace Mexico. The food and service were average enough that we didn’t plan on returning. This year I would finally get to see if the Lindo was “all that.”

If you don’t have time to read the whole trip report, the short answer is, yes, the Lindo is ALL THAT.

But we didn’t know that yet. Truth be told, I was a little nervous. When Zung and I had been at the Grand and we’d taken a walk through the Lindo, I had been overwhelmed by all the people. Especially the short, loud people, also known as children. There were so many of them! And they were making so much noise. I wasn’t sure there was any way for the Lindo to be ALL THAT enough to compensate for the kid factor. However, I told myself, this was a different experience. This was a family vacation. Different. Wipe memory clean of Grand memories. Family. Okay, I’m ready. And in the end, family trumps luxury.

After countless vacations to Disneyland and San Diego/Sea World, we had surprisingly quickly adapted to the “lay on the beach and don’t do much of anything” method of vacation in Mexico. We were all looking forward to it.

Since we don’t have a car big enough to accommodate luggage for 5, we hired a limo to transport us to and from the airport. I didn’t think it would be THAT much more, what with parking, gas and tolls for 2 cars. However, the limo company charged my CC for $33 more than what I was quoted. They eventually refunded the money and promised me 10% off my next trip with them. (That was the heart attack trip, remember, where the first bad omen was the limo not showing up? See Archives, October 2010). But I digress…

This year the limo arrived almost an hour early (maybe that’s why they overcharged me?). He said he wasn’t sure where it was and he didn’t want to be late.

We got to the airport, checked in (my husband is a Frontier Ascent member, so we get to cut in front in all kinds of lines). We were at our terminal with plenty of time for breakfast.

Nicholas and Patrick look like they need it.

Susie made her first goofy face of the trip.

Flight was basically uneventful, until we got near Cancun, when we started flying in circles. Pilot commented on it, we would be landing soon he assured us. It seemed like we did a few circles and I don’t like flying to begin with. Start flying me around in circles when you have cut off my alcohol – let’s just says I wasn’t feeling in vacation mode yet. Finally we land, have to wait for a gate (are you serious?). Moral to that story is drink plenty of alcohol while you can, so you can be prepared for anything. We finally get a gate, deplane and rush into the terminal so we can get a good spot in the immigration lines. Well, that was the plan anyway.

They were the longest immigration lines I had EVER seen (I’ve seen some long ones like that since). We were there for a good 45 min. Okay, can’t do anything about it – we’re on vacation. At least our luggage will be there when we’re done. I see people being sent to the side to do more on their paperwork, and I smugly say to Zung, “They must not have filled out their paperwork properly.” Guess who else didn’t fill out their paperwork properly? You guessed it, US! However, we didn’t get sent to the side to fix it, and I decided it was because I had greeted our immigration guy in Spanish. I can say a very impressive “Hola!”

He let us fix it at his station, and then it was bags and Customs – I have never seen so many red lights, including one station that had two in a row and the people in front of us. We lucked out with green.

We found our ride and we’re at the Lindo.


Let the vacation begin!


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