The Next Great Grand Adventure, and other stuff

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I’m drinking a Havana Club and Coke (made with Mexican Coke, that we buy at Costco – it’s made with pure cane sugar, which makes it sooooo much better than ordinary Coke made with high fructose corn syrup). I am finished blogging the Girlfriend’s Getaway 2012 trip. The last post of that trip can be found at the end of this post.

You’ll be happy to know there is another Grand Adventure in my future. In 141 days (that’s the end of August) Zung and I will spend a week at the Grand. I would have preferred May, but between Frequent Flier miles and Zung’s work schedule, August was the winner.

I am looking forward to seeing and spending some time with Janelle and Steve. We met them on our first trip to the Grand. They remembered seeing us the year before at the Rui Palace Mexico the year before (with all our kids, plus one extra). They usually vacation in August, but that particular year they went in June. How weird is that, that we ended up at the same two resorts at two different times of the year? After that, they went back to vacationing in August. Hmmm, sounds like one of those destiny things to me.

Janelle and I have kept in touch over these five years and we will be there at the same time this year.

Yeah, those bikini and shoe budgets be damned!

Until then, I will find another, as yet, un-bloggeded trip to blog about. There are 11 Iberostar trips and 6 other Mexico trips. There is the Girlfriend’s trip with Karen to Fort Lauderdale for her 50th birthday and a Girlfriend’s trip to Vegas trip for my 49th birthday with my best friend, Erika. (A best friend is different than a BFF, so I’m not cheating).

There is plenty of fun for me to write about between now and August.

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Okay, I’m finished with my shameless self promotion.

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Thank you all for reading! I hope you find something either useful or entertaining here. Hopefully both!

I usually make a new post on Wednesday and Sunday. I’ll figure which adventure I’ll blog about between now and Wednesday.



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  1. Thanks so much for your interesting trip reports. We are returning to the Grand in 3 weeks and can’t wait, but your blog has made the wait more enjoyable! Think Daniel will mind if I request “your” cucumber mojito?

    1. Daniel may roll his eyes when you request the cucumber mojito, but he’s so cute when he does. Just remember, he won’t have the cucumbers and will have to get them. I am sure he LOVES anything that reminds him of me. LOL!

  2. Love your blog! My husband and I went to Playa del Carmen in 2004 for our 20th anniversary, and i still remember the gorgeous beaches. I need to plan a trip to the Grand!

    1. When we first went to PDC for our 25th anniversary, 8 years ago, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime trip. But I fell so in love that I knew I’d be back as soon and as often as I could. 8 years and 18 trips later, it’s obvious this is a long term relationship.

  3. My husband and I are heading down to the Grand in November for our 1 yr anniversary. I ran across your blog from TA and I love reading your stories. It gets me so excited to head down there. Less than 12 wks. 🙂

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