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At 11 o’clock we go back to the room to shower and get travel ready. After three and a half days living in a bikini, long pants just feel so wrong.

We are all packed up and I go to open the safe to get our passports, phones, iPad, etc. It doesn’t open. I get an error message again.


Karen calls the concierge and they say they will send security to open it. I start feeling anxious that it will be a repeat of the other night and we will spend our last hour and a half of vacation dealing with it.

The bell boy arrives at noon (as requested) and we tell him that we are not completely ready, as we can’t get into the freaking safe! No problem, he assures us, he will wait. After a few minutes I call the concierge again. By now I am pissed and I let her know it. She can’t do anything about it. She just tells me he is on his way. He does arrive shortly after that and he puts in his code and it opens right away. Big sigh of relief.

Okay, now I need a drink to calm down.

I take one last look of this kick ass view and think, “I’m sad to b leaving, but I WILL be back soon.”

We took some “I am so sad” pictures, but didn’t compensate for the backlighting, so they were too dark to see how sad I was.

The bell boy takes our bags and we go down to the concierge to check out (love that convenience).

Next stop is La Brisa for some lobster. Make it two, por favor. Karen gets her favorite, the giant grilled prawns. We order the Antares Sauvignon Blanc. It is a good last lunch. Good food, good wine and a great view with my BFF.

Big sigh of contentment.

We have a little time left before Cancun Valet arrives at 1:45 to come collect us for the sad ride to the airport.

What to do?What to do?

I think we only have time for one last cucumber mojito. Oh, and a hug from Daniel.

(There I am, behind the bar again).

We walk to the lobby, where Cancun Valet is annoyingly punctual and waiting for us.

You know the airport routine. Check-in (I upgrade to a seat in the second row), security, and there I am in the Duty Free Shop. It is time to do some power shopping.

Zung has discouraged me from buying any Havana Club the last couple trips. We have discovered Zaya rum, which is very good and readily available at Daveco, our nearby liquor store (it’s the largest liquor store in the world, certified by the Guinness World Records people).

But he’s not here now, is he? You know what they say about the cat being away.

I got gifts for Zung and the kids. We had enough time for some clam chowder at Bubba Gumps (thanks Karen for forgoing your Margarita at Margaritaville so I could have my clam chowder). My gate was right next to the restaurant and before I knew it, they were boarding. Quick hug with Karen and I was in that line of sad, tan people.

This had been an awesome trip. I remember when Karen first suggested going on a girlfriend’s trip every year.

She and I saw each other for the first time in 23 years when she and her husband, Andy were in Denver in December of 2008. He was conducting the national touring show of Jersey Boys. We had lunch (pizza and prosecco) on New Year’s Eve. A month later we spent the day shopping in New York City (her home base). That was when I acquired my Fabulous Fendis. Next I visited her in Florida, another Jersey Boys stop. As we sat on the gay beach we had inadvertently parked ourselves on (Sebastian Beach in Fort Lauderdale – check it out the next time you are there – be warned, Speedos rule), she said, “We need to go on a girlfriends getaway every year. Sounded good to me.

Turns out, it was THE BEST IDEA EVER!


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  1. Hi! I have a question, is there a private message on this blog or your email address? Amy

    1. There is not a private message on the blog (as far as I know). You can private message me on Trip Advisor. My screen name is actran.

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