Going Behind the Bar

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Karen and I pack up our beach things and walk to the pool bar.

This is a very cool picture and gives me great ideas for my next trip.

The bar is quiet and peaceful this early. It’s 10 am.

It won’t be quiet for long. Daniel is not there.




The other bartenders tell me he is coming. He does arrive soon after, and I can tell they are giving him crap about me. I really wish I could speak Spanish at that moment. Or at least understand it. He takes it well.

He makes us, what else? Cucumber mojitos.

I am feeling, ummm, helpful, so I go behind the bar to assist him.

First there is the muddling.

(Karen must have had the camera because there are about a gazillion pictures. Okay, that’s a small exaggeration.)

I decide the muddling is too much work, and leave Daniel to it.

He adds the magical cucumbers and blends.


When he gets to the stirring, I decide I can handle that and go back behind the bar to help him again.

I decide the stirring motion has, rather a sexual feel to it and say as much, and leave him to it.

He tastes, to make sure it is just right.

I make sure he adds a healthy floater of rum. (Aren’t his dimples cute?)


I am really going to miss these.

Daniel tells me he hung the cucumber ornament in his car on the rear view mirror. I said, good, you’ll think of me every day.

Not that I’m forgettable.

He probably can’t look at a cucumber without thinking about me.

Karen and I enjoyed our cucumber mojitos, before going in for lunch. We knew we wouldn’t have to eat any veggies, because we’d just had some. Having a cucumber mojito as a lunch salad is almost as healthy as having a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for dinner (inside joke).

One last lunch to go. I don’t think I’ve had my recommended allowance of lobster for the day.



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