Breaky on the Balcony and a White Peacock

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We ordered room service, for this, our last breakfast of this “take no prisoners, raise some hell, soul feeding, do something new, girlfriend’s” trip.

We asked for delivery at 7 am, in order to maximize our time on this last day. He knocked on the door at 6:55.

Grrrrrrrooooooaaaaaannnnnnnn. Early. Very, very early.

We are still half asleep. Truthfully, we were completely asleep when he knocked on the door. It must be the late nights I keep with Karen, because when I’m here with Zung, I’m usually up pretty early.

It is another banner day. Sigh. Mexico is going to make it hard for me to leave this time. I suspect Lounge Chair was in cahoots with the sun to make this parting such sweet sorrow.

We ate breakfast on the balcony. I got waffles. He brought in the whole warmer unit and said he would leave it so the waffles would stay warm until we ate them. The waffles are yummy, kind of sweet, but a little chewy. Especially when you leave them in the warmer unit while you have your first cup of tea to get awake.

I’d ordered some orange juice and we still had that bottle of champagne, so I did not go without my Mimosa.

When we took this picture I decided it needed some heels to make it perfect.

But now that I have come off my vacation high, even I think the heels are a bit much.

Over the last couple days, the Apple rep has been calling repeatedly, leaving messages asking me about my transportation back to the airport. It was actually quite annoying. Today I was there, and answered, and told him I would get back to the airport the same way I had gotten to the hotel, with my own transportation (I didn’t actually say that, although, it’s not beyond me to). Oh well, I guess it’s better for him to ask too many times than not enough and risk someone not getting a ride. However, if someone didn’t respond to the multiple calls he made and didn’t get a ride they wanted, it would serve them right.

Karen and I packed our bags. Packing is always so much sadder than unpacking (duh).

I go out to the beach to feed my soul one last time. It feels so good. I don’t know when I will be back, but as I look at the ocean, I know I have to come back soon. I have to make it happen. I can’t go without it. It’s my Soul Food.

Soul Food

Karen goes for a run, errrr, a power walk. She sees a white peacock, and she falls in love.

Special thanks to Elaine S (aka HooKares) for this picture.


Karen has a white basset hound with blue eyes named Paul Newman. The peacock makes her think of Paul Newman. Karen is working her butt off  with Paul Newman. She’s a dog trainer/handler. Paul Newman is a star in the making. He’s been in commercials, a movie and he is currently in the play Legally Blonde. He even has his very own blog. You’ll find it on his website


Karen joins me on the beach. It is 10 o’clock. You know what time that is don’t you?

It is Daniel/Cucumber Mojito time!


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