Promises Kept, Sort of

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Karen and I walked to the Lobby Bar.

Moises had told me Humberto would be at the Lobby Bar, but I was a little skeptical. Turns out, I had reason to be. It was Perfecto tending the Lobby Bar.


We turned around and went to the Music Bar and there was Humberto. We went in and asked him what the deal was. Poor guy. He said that what was decided was, when Karen and I got there, he would come out and make our Chocolate Martinis. I said, okay, we are on our way.

We went and sat at the bar and Perfecto comes up and asks what he can get us. Really? Surely he is on the “arrangement.” But he’s going to make us say it.

“Can you please get Humberto to make our Chocolate Martinis?” He banged his hand on the counter and said, “Humberto!” He didn’t say it in a warm, fuzzy way. I guess it is hard to take when you find out a lady (or, in our case, ladies) prefers your partner/co-worker. Men! And their egos!

Shortly after, Humberto appeared and made his awesome, customized (in Karen’s case) Chocolate Martini’s.

They are awesome. I must drink a lot of them, because it will be awhile before I can have them again. (I tried to make my own the other day, Humberto told me the ingredients, it was not as good, could be because he uses heavy cream and I used 1% milk).


When Humberto starts to leave, I stop him and say, “But what about when we need refills?” He says Perfecto will let him know and he will return to make our refills. Perfecto must have said, “Yea, I don’t think so. This bar is only big enough for one bartender.” When our drinks would get low, Perfecto would place new, Humberto made, new ones, in front of us. We figured out he must have been telling Humberto, and Humberto made them in his bar and Perfecto would bring them to us. Perfecto did a great job of ensuring we did not ever go drinkless that night.

Humberto did a good job too. He is the man!

Oh my, I wonder what these guys say about us when we are not there? (We tipped them both well for putting up with us).

Eduardo was talking to a guest near us and Karen commented that he looked so serious. I looked at him, thinking, Eduardo? Serious? Since when? I said, “He’s not serious. He’s sad about something.”

We call him over and get the scoop. I ask him why he looks so sad. We chat a long time. with him. He was sad because he was supposed to go visit his family for his vacation, but he did not get off as long as he needed to make the trip. I ask him what he will do and he says probably get drunk and play video games. He really wanted to go visit his family. He tells us his college degree is in financial management. I think there was something about a girlfriend, a break up and taking off some time from financial management to be a Star Friend. Sounds reasonable to me.

Then we chat with Augustin and Paulina.

Augustin speaks fluent English and lived in Wisconsin. He has dual US/Mexico citizenship. He came back to Mexico to go to school and wants to study languages. Specifically Japanese and Mandarin (he’s already got Spanish and English down). He wants to work in translation services.

He is very interested when I tell him my daughter, Susie, has a degree in Spanish. I decide he is perfect for her and I take his picture and instant message it to her and tell her he wants to meet her.

I can just picture her rolling her eyes and sighing loudly. I still think she should have given it a shot. It wouldn’t be a terrible thing for her to live in Playa del Carmen, getting a translating job, and hosting her mother for frequent visits.

And Augustin could help me refine my salsa moves.

After countless Chocolate Martinis, Karen and I say good-bye to everyone and go back to the room. We must have walked, because I have this picture on my camera.

The great staircase.

When we got back to the room, it was all done up romantic and stuff.

Karen and I are good friends. But we are definitely not THAT kind of good friends.

She said it was my turn for the bath, but I knew that water had been drawn hours ago because it had been there when I came back to get the money for my necklace. And I’ve been there and done that, so I passed.

We sat out on the balcony. We talk. We listen to the ocean.

It is so calming and nurturing. I could do this every night.

This had been such a fabulous trip. I couldn’t believe it was almost over.

Almost, but not completely. There was still fun to be had, drinks to be drunk and hell to be raised.




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  1. Thanks for your blog! I’ve enjoyed your trip reports before, and this is no exception. I am leaving to stay at Grand Velas with my family in two days (!!) but you are inspiring me to consider iberostar for future trips….

  2. Can you post Humberto”s recipe for Chocolate Martinis?

    1. Vanilla vodka, chocolate liquor and heavy cream. He said he didn’t measure them. Yummy.

  3. We just left the Grand and while I was there Humberto showed me the picture of you together. It is on his Phone! How cute is that? I too got my drink on having way too many of his chocolate martinis thanks to you…they are yummy. Humberto added another ingredient to mine. It was Galliano. No wonder I had a headache the morning after.


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