Dresses, Dinner and Sparkly Things

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You know the routine by now. Although by tonight there was no choosing. We only had one dress each left to wear. There was some coordination of colors and styles. It was reminiscent of high school, when we would call each other to find out what the other was wearing. I’m pretty sure the guys NEVER did that.

Tonight was a cobalt blue kind of night.

Karen was having an amazing hair night. She takes a very minimalist approach to her hair and it always looks so damn good. I hate her for it. You don’t even want to know how many products I use in my hair. My mantra is, “Hairspray is a very, very good thing.”

My dress looked best from the back…

…and side.

My shoes, while nice, (Cole Haan) were not photograph-worthy. They were mostly hidden underneath the dress. The dress, I loved. It felt like liquid flowing over and around my body.

We make our way to Toni’s Surf and Turf, for our final dinner of our spectacular girlfriend’s vacation. We request René as our waiter. He is the best.

They have decorated our table with rose petals and roses in the vase. It is nice that they provide these extra special touches.

Next order of business is to order some wine. We know what we want, but for some reason the sommelier comes over. It seems his job is to upsell the wines that you have to pay extra for. When we make it clear we are happy with the included wines, he moves on, not offering to provide any assistance with those.

I do not complain about many things at the Grand, but I am not happy with this dude. If he was happy to provide assistance with choosing the included wines, then I think you can call him a true sommelier. But the way he’s working, he’s just like a salesman.

Since it was our last night and dinner, we each ordered our own bottle of wine.

Just kidding. I mean, we DID each order a bottle of wine, but that was because Karen wanted the Antares Sauvignon Blanc and I wanted the Carmenere, which is a red. She drank some of that too (such a lush). Because we had so much wine, we told René he would need to come have a glass with us before we left.

You will just have to read to the end to see if he did.

We both ordered the Seafood Selection for an app.

René comes by and asks if he can bring us some Lobster Cream Soup, because it tastes so good. It is actually not one of my favorites, but he was so sweet the way he asked that we said yes.

For entrees, I requested Surf and Surf (two lobster tails) with a side of pureed potatoes (which look and taste exactly like mashed potatoes)…

…Karen got Surf and Turf, but requested the Double Cut Filet for the Turf part.

Karen also got a Caesar Salad (it was a little heavy on the parmesan).

It was a delicious and delightful meal.

I asked René where Alejandro is (the manager waiter of Toni’s from our last trip) and he says he has left and is working at the Mayakoba. Another good one lost.

We skip dessert because we know there are Humberto Chocolate Martini’s coming. Lots of them.

René makes good on his promise to share a glass of wine with us (or at least a few sips). He says wonderful things and smiles. What a wonderful ending to our dinner.

We take the elevator to the first floor and Augustin and Eduardo are at the bottom of the great staircase. Augustin makes me practice my salsa lessons (it was probably only because of the amount of wine that I drank that he was able to do so).

He is so cute. I decide I will get to know him better later on. I have fantasies about this cute StarFriend. (check back, we will see if it’s my mind that’s in the gutter or yours).

One last picture (Karen likes taking pictures more than she likes being in them).

We approach the jewelry store and I decide I need to get over my grief about Abraham leaving. Abraham or not, there are still sparkly things in there.

We go in and check out the offerings. There is indeed a lovely necklace that catches my eye. It caught my eye and my wallet, but apparently not my camera, because I have no pictures of it. I will try to remedy that before the end of this trip report. (It is very sparkly).

We do the negotiation dance and I pay what I want, which I think is a reasonable offer. Never a negotiation to the death. Just enough to make us both feel like we played the game.

I open my wristlet and find I have no money and no CC. If it was Abraham, he would have sent me off WITH the necklace, but this new guy didn’t know me from Adam, so I told him to hold the necklace for me and I would be back to pay for it.

I get a ride from the always cheerful Antonio back to our room. I ask him to wait, run up to the room and get some cash and he takes me back. I pay for the necklace.

A good dinner with René as our waiter, an impromptu salsa with a cute StarFriend, a purchase of a lovely necklace. I was on a roll.

What could possibly go wrong?


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  1. You both looked GORGEOUS!!! I agree, Karen’s hair looked beautiful. Rene IS such a nice, nice man- we were lucky enough to have him as our server on both of our visits to Toni’s. What a sweetheart! We never saw the sommelier, but I would have found that offensive, too. And truly, there were several wines we had while there that were VERY yummy- no reason to pay up!

    BTW- you have me very nervous about this “What could possibly go wrong” statement. But I’m sure it will all be good, because you DID mention there would be chocolate martinis- lots of them- and how bad could anything BE with that?

  2. We had the same experience with the sommelier, he is really only interested in up-selling the wine. He told us the included wines were just “table wines” but he could help us chose a much superior wine. When I told him we were just fine with the table wines he had no interest in assisting us further. I did not care for that experience either.

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