Salsa Chicas

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Karen, her exercise obligations met, joins me on the beach. The massage people come by and we book our massages for 4 o’clock that afternoon. We take our swimsuit attire pictures for the day. I am wearing a repeat. Karen is wearing a new suit, WITH coordinated hat. WHO knew you could fit soooo much into a carry-on? She is so damned cute, all coordinated.

I am in the same hat, same jewelry and a repeat suit. At least it is a damn fine suit that is worth being repeated.

After sitting on the beach together for about 5 minutes, I tell Karen we need to go get cucumber mojitos (I needed to make up for the Daniel-less days), and I need to give Daniel the little gift I bought him. It is something so that he will always think about me.

As we approach the bar, I see that he is not there. I assume he has gone on his lunch break.

We decide to head in to lunch.

But wait! They are preparing for Salsa lessons. I want to take Salsa lessons. I kept saying I wanted to do something I had never done before.

Well, actually, I have taken Salsa lessons before, back home in Colorado, with Zung. But this would be totally different. I have never taken Salsa lessons before without Zung, in Mexico, in a bikini. Yes, it would fit the bill nicely.

Karen balked. I think her words were, “I don’t want to take Salsa lessons.”

To which I replied, “I want to take Salsa lessons. I’m taking Salsa lessons.”

To which she replied, “Who is being self-absorbed now?”

(Warning, do not try this with any old friend, you must be BFF’s for 46 years).

I told her she didn’t have to take Salsa lessons, but I was going to.

They were hard. For me, anyway. I don’t know if it was because they were teaching me so many of the steps, or if it was the heat, or the alcohol, or what. I was challenged.

Augustin was my primary teacher.


Paulina helped too. (What does it say about me that I needed two teachers?)

Okay, I’m getting the hang of this, sort of.

As I struggled with the different steps, and twirls and getting the hip action going, Karen is in back of me, twirling away with Eduardo. I guess he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Either she saw how much fun I was having (NOT!) or she couldn’t resist his puppy dog face.

It was quite the work out and I felt like I had two left feet, but I can say I did something I’d never done before (AND I could tell my husband about it!).

Quick look at the bar shows there is still no Daniel, so we went into Las Brisa for lunch.

Karen had another Kobe burger.

She said it wasn’t “all that”. It didn’t look like “all that”.

I didn’t take notes about this lunch, so I can’t report any further than the lackluster Kobe burger.

After lunch, we went to the pool bar to find Daniel. He was STILL not there. I asked one of the bartenders where he was. He told me he was helping out at Bella Vista and would be back in an hour.

I guess it’s back to the beach to wait. There could be worse places to wait for your favorite bartender.


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