At Long Last, Daniel!

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After our long night, we sleep in Sunday. But there is still a beautiful day out there when we wake up. (You can tell it’s late because the sun is higher in the sky). Karen orders room service. She knows what she likes. What I like is variety. I  go to the Bella Vista buffet. The pool bar is on my way. And who, to my wondering eyes should appear? Daniel, in all his cucumber glory. There are hugs and kisses and cucumbers. Wait! That came out wrong. He had a pile of cucumbers. Hmmm, that wasn’t much better. He shows me his cucumbers. Oh no, that’s no better. Daniel had a pile of cucumbers to make cucumber mojitos. It’s too early for a cucumber mojito (okay, I don’t have a lot of rules, and alcohol in the form of a Mimosa is okay at 9 am, but in the form of a cucumber mojito is wrong).

I tell him I will see him later. I continue on to Bella Vista. Olivia is there! Yea! She is making omelets. I stand in line so I can say hello. This lady who is also standing in line suggests that I go to the other line. WTF? I tell her I just want to say hi to Olivia. She says she had been off for a couple of days. Wow, both Daniel and Olivia. I gotta check in with my karma teller.

I don’t linger over breakfast. I then head to the Lobby Bar and order my morning Mimosa. I do my email, Trip Advisor, Words with Friends. I think I was slacking with my “Live From” reports on this blog. I kind of suck at the Live From thing. I’m good at the after the trip, trip reports. You gotta know what your strengths are, and your “areas for improvement”.

I return to our room. It’s the black bikini’s turn again today. You know this routine. I take the elevator down to the lobby, get towels and go pick out a spot with a good view of the water. I dress the lounge chairs with the towels and snuggle into Lounge Chair. He and I are having such a good time. We don’t need to talk. We can just communicate through our minds. Your lounge chair probably doesn’t have a mind. My Lounge Chair is special. He has a mind and we communicate. What can I say? I don’t even know how to tell you how to get to this place with your lounge chair. I just want to look at the water. I abandoned my book back on the first day. The water and I, we communicate too. The sound of the ocean could put me in a trance. Yea, all this communicating and trance stuff is all well and good. But I have been jonesing for a Daniel cucumber mojito for days. I pick my butt up off Lounge Chair — “Where are you going Cara Mia?” He really doesn’t need to know about Daniel. “I’ll be right back, mi amore.” I take my unfaithful self to the pool bar and ask Daniel to make me my special drink. It is a labor of love.

There is peeling, and muddling and blending.

And then there is drinking. (I was alone, so I did not take a picture of myself drinking. That would have just been weird).

I chat with Daniel a bit. The pool bar is quiet at first (it’s early), but several people show up and I leave. I tell Daniel I will see him later.

Yea, that’s what I’m talking about. (Umm, yea, I know it’s almost gone. It took me awhile to think to take a picture.)

I see Eder and we chat for a bit. He asks me how I stay so young-looking. I tell him good genes, wearing sunglasses ALL the time, and staying married to the same man for 32 years. There you have it.

Vacationing at the Grand on a really regular basis doesn’t hurt either.


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  1. I look forward to reading your blog. I think I check it every day for updates! It takes me back to my 10 glorious days at IGP back in 2009 and my 5 glorious days at IGB last April. ::Sigh::

    I still need a vacation rehab from ERC last July. Bleh.

  2. Thanks Jill! I miss it so much and I was just there 6 weeks ago. I know it will be a while before you get to go back, so I’ll try to go back soon so I can keep writing good trip reports. LOL. Not too long for you now, is it?

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