Dinner at L’Atelier, Seeing a Show, Raising Hell and Closing Down the Bar

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I love all my shoes. But if I had to pick a favorite, the red patent leather Christian Louboutin’s would be it. I bought these on Mother’s Day. I had been looking for a pair of red patent leather shoes for quite a while. I had also wanted a pair of CL’s for quite a while. I think these shoes kick ass. And they were freakin’ expensive. Do you know what my BFF, Karen, had to say about them? She said they looked like they came from Payless.


That hurt. Every time I wear them now, I think of them as my Payless shoes.

I was no longer sorry I called her self-absorbed. I’d say we are even now.

Our reservations were at 7 pm. Dinner was at L’Atelier. This is the gourmet/French restaurant. If I had to have a least favorite restaurant, this would be it. It’s not bad, but I just never seem to have awesome meals here. They are always pretty good, but never have hit the awesome end of the dinner goodness meter.

Tonight it was pretty damn good.

For apps, I had the pheasant turnover and Karen had lobster and seafood salad.


We both had the duck for our entrees. It was all seriously yummy.


I had the Saint Honore for dessert. It was a nice bit of tastiness.



We enjoyed a bottle of red wine.


Karen asked our waiter how long he had worked there and he said it was his third day. He had transferred over from on of the other Iberostar Paraiso hotels.

As we were finishing our delicious meal and wine, who should arrive, but our new friend Ellen and her hubs, Pods. Aren’t they adorable, all color coordinated? Ellen was sporting a very nice, gold, Coach wristlet as well.


The good thing about eating early is that it gives you plenty of time to hang out at the bar AND you can go to the show, and if you still have the energy, hang out some more at the bar. We did it all!

The amazing Humberto was tending bar at the Lobby Bar tonight.

Thank goodness. I was jonesing for a good Humberto chocolate martini.

Ask and you shall receive.

These bad boys are incredibly delicious. I had my iPhone, so I wrote down the ingredients. It’s pretty simple. Vanilla vodka, chocolate liquor, and his secret ingredient, heavy cream. Yes, you read that correctly, he puts heavy cream in it. That must be why they are so creamy tasting.

Karen didn’t love it. She didn’t want the heavy cream. Humberto graciously made her a creamless version.

She still didn’t love it. She said it was too sweet. She asked for a version that was less sweet. Humberto came up with another version for her. It was a clear chocolate martini.

Then she said it would be perfect with some mint. Did he have any mint? Well, of course he did!

She declared it perfect!


Humberto is the man!

Not only is he the best beach waiter ever, he is the best chocolate martini maker ever! (Saying he is the best Lobby Bartender ever would be disloyal to Daniel, and as you all know, Daniel is my favorite).

Next on our agenda was going to the show. Karen has never gone to a show at the Grand. I usually make it once during a trip. The shows are very high quality. I wanted her to see Alvaro, the awesome dancer. I took this picture when we were here in October.

Not only is Alvaro an awesome dancer, he appreciates my shoes. And I’m pretty sure he would not think my red patent leather Christian Louboutin’s looked like they came from Payless. (Really, I can’t believe she said that).

It was the Big Band show. Alvaro was as awesome as always. Karen lives in New York and was an actress for a long time and her husband Andy is the conductor for Jersey Boys (how cool is that?). She knows good talent and she thought Alvaro could definitely make it in New York or Las Vegas.

He was greeting guests as we left the theatre and we told him as much. He was gracious, appreciative and humble. (And sweaty).

I have always wondered if the singers and dancers at the Grand had to have day jobs to make a decent living. I asked the Star Friends about this and they said no, they spend the days rehearsing and most of them live in the housing provided by Iberostar onsite. It is a full time job.

We return to the Lobby Bar. Ellen and Pods are there. We chat. Ellen is, shall we say, feeling no pain? She is making the most of her last night here. When she does start feeling some pain, they leave. We say good-bye and I wish them a good trip home.

I sit next to a Canadian dude who says his wife was back in the room because she had drank too much. Always a hazard at an AI. He seemed like a very nice guy. He probably thought I was crazy or drunk. Truth is, I was a little of both. I’m always a little crazy. Add a little drunk to the mix and, well, there’s no telling what will happen.

He was drinking beer. Corona. My man, Zung, likes Victoria beer, which is a Mexican beer. I started telling this guy how he needed to try it and when he ordered another beer, I told Humberto to bring him a Victoria. He was a good sport about it. Said it was good, but a bit heavy for as many as he drinks. He left shortly after that. LOL.

It was during this time that I started my hell raising. I asked Humberto if he would be bar tending at the Lobby bar the next evening. He said no, he would be in the Music Bar. I demand to speak to his manager, Moises. I met Moises last year when I was at the Lobby Bar. I was probably drunk then too. He was reluctant to call him. He said Moises would think he had put me up to it. I was not to be deterred. I insisted he call Moises. He did and said he would come out soon to talk to me.

Soon was apparently not soon enough, because I insisted he call again and tell him I was waiting, and he didn’t want to keep ME waiting. Moises came out and I shook his hand and said we had met last year and I wanted Humberto to tend bar at the Lobby Bar the next night. I raved about his Chocolate Martini’s. He said, no, Humberto would be in the Music Bar and Perfecto would be at the Lobby Bar.

I said, “You and I both know this is something you can change. I want him out here.”

Oh my. Good or bad, I’m sure they don’t forget me. He said he would see what he could do. Poor guy. But after eight visits, I deserve to be demanding here and there, don’t I?

After the Canadian guy left I can’t remember who I talked to. Karen met some guys from Michigan and went outside with one of them so he could smoke. Karen is super friendly and can chat up anybody. I draw the line at smokers and sitting next to their toxic fumes.

Before I know it, Humberto is cleaning the blenders. This is a sign the bar is about to close. We did it again! We closed down the bar. I am so proud!

I go outside, where Karen is still chatting with the guy from Michigan. I tell her it is time to go back to the room. We say good-night and someone gives us a golf cart ride back to our room. I am under the influence of, I don’t know how many Chocolate Martini’s, not to mention the wine from dinner, so I really can’t be expected to remember who drove us back to our room.

There is a chilled bottle of champagne in our room. Very nice, and I briefly consider opening it for a glass. However, I have had too much to drink, but not so much that I don’t realize I have had enough.

Karen and I talk until 2 am. I fall asleep at some point. Karen takes a picture of me.

She tells me we had been in a very intense discussion about something and she was giving me a very thoughtful answer, when she looked over and I was out.

This is what a woman looks like who has had an absolutely awesome day with her BFF on the best Girlfriend’s Getaway ever. (Self-absorbed and Payless comments notwithstanding).

And we still had another entire day to go! And Daniel would be here tomorrow!



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  1. I am laughing SO HARD right now!! 🙂 What a fun last night for Pods & I- OMG, those Chocolate Martinis kick my ass! I don’t remember chatting it up with any Canadians (like you did) that night, but I DO remember hanging out at the Lobby Bar with Debbie Harry from Blondie- who knew she was from Germany? I always thought she was a Jersey girl like me, lol! You and Karen made my last day at IGP my BEST day- thanks again for letting me join in on your girlfriend time.

    And Karen, lovely as she is, is WRONG about those shoes- your CL heels rock! Just like you do in them!! <3


    1. Ellen – that’s so funny because I’m pretty sure it was Pods who introduced me to the Canandian dude. He was sitting right next to us when we were chatting. And neither Karen, nor I remember Blondie! I think we must have missed that because I would have remembered a bonfide rock star. It was a fun night!

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