Lunch, Lobsters and a Nap

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I am feeling exceptionally well toasted. We decide that we better get some food into our tummies before we start to embarrass ourselves. A vote is taken and it is decided that I am most in danger of this because of the level of my toastedness. I probably should not imbibe any more alcoholic beverages for a while.

So, I order some white wine at lunch.

We see Wilber and say hello. Before today, I have only ever seen Wilber as a waiter and manager at the Japanese restaurant. But I have seen him for years doing that. He is adorable. He looks like he is 12.

You can tell he’s being a manager because of the wire in his ear.

I order two grilled lobsters because they are really small and they only give you a half of one.

I eat the delicious parts and never touch the gross looking parts. I’m not sure that part is meant to be eaten. I’m not even sure it is meant to be looked at.

We apparently ordered french fries again. We were hoping the previous days pathetic little sticks were an aberration because they temporarily ran out of the good ones. Sadly, we were given pathetic little, un-yummy stick again. It made me very sad. (While I look pretty awful in this pic, my cleavage looks pretty good, so I decided to go ahead and post it – gotta love Victoria Secrets). I do have the “very sad” face down, though, don’t I?

Karen ordered either the fajitas or got the grilled prawns. Possibly both. I did not take pictures.
We were too busy sharing our life stories. And drinking.
Karen ordered a Kobe hamburger. I get dessert. We share more of our life stories.
When the wine flows the lips get loose.  I’d like to blame that on the comment that I made
to Karen and Ellen that put me in the dog house with Karen. They are both “only children”
and I made a comment about “only children” being self-absorbed.
She paid me back later when she made a comment about my shoes.
But, I’m getting ahead of myself.
I actually made the “self-absorbed” comment earlier in the day. Even earlier than the champagne.
I think. Remember, the champagne, it makes things fuzzy. At least, that’s my story and
I’m sticking to it.
We were doing some serious bonding when Ellen’s husband, Pods, showed up.
He joined us, but we quickly abandoned him and went back to the beach.
Where I promptly, ummm, took a nap. Now, some may call it passing out. But it’s my blog,
so I can call it whatever I want. As it would turn out to be a late night, it was good planning
on my part.
At some point Ellen left to rejoin her husband. Karen and I went to yoga again.
Ellen passed on yoga, but did take some pictures of us doing yoga. It was Eduardo’s day off,
so Starfriend, Paulina, led the yoga class. I didn’t think it was possible, but the class was worse
than the day before. My instructor at home had set a very high bar. Karen was slightly better
behaved today.
There was a bride and groom on the beach, having pictures takes. She had on a really beautiful dress.
I couldn’t quite capture it, but trust me, it was beautiful.
Before we went back to the room I felt “better” and decided I LOVED this pink swim suit and
had to have some pictures of it.  Karen did the honors.
This next picture shows off my new starfish necklace. I love Iberostar so much, I wanted to
have a necklace to pay homage to my obsession. It was a Christmas present to me from Zung.
It was one of those gifts where I took him to the store and pointed to it and said, “THAT would
be a really good gift.” It works well. Let’s just say, there are no kitchen appliance gifts unless
specifically requested.
Okay, that may be more pink bikini pictures than is necessary. But, like I said before,
it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.
I was glad I was well rested because we had a long night ahead of us.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more! The VS bikini looks great! You rock!! The last beach picture is absolutely beautiful.

  2. The bikini is great- you are GORGEOUS! I loved our “moment” at lunch and I’m so glad we had a wonderful day together. Sorry to hear the Yoga was even worse for you this time, but I did notice Karen was very well behaved and quiet during the class. It is very nice on the beach, though- isn’t it?

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