Three Drunk Chicas

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Wake up. Peek outside. Yessss! Another beautiful day.

We had both ordered room service for breakfast.  I had decided going to the buffet by myself was not that much fun, so I decided to see if hanging out with Karen while gazing at the beautiful view would be better. Well, DUH!

We told them to deliver it at 8 am. Since we were up earlier than that we had to wait for a bit. Karen got a bit edgy waiting for her coffee. I had to talk her down at one point. Fortunately, they arrived before she did anything drastic.

Karen ordered coffee and I ordered tea. Karen looked in one of the pots and said they didn’t send her coffee. I called room service and informed them of their error. They sounded surprised, but they sent up another pot of coffee right away. They probably sounded surprised because they had in fact sent coffee with the original order, which we discovered later. Oooops. Lo siento.

After breakfast, Karen goes for her “power walk” and I go to the lobby to do my electronic things. Oh, and have my obligatory Mimosa. I wish I could start every day with a Mimosa. It might be frowned on, on a work day though. I guess that’s what vacations are for.

I headed back to our room and passed Ellen on the way. She was on her own today because her husband was golfing. I told her I would save her a chair if she wanted to hang out with Karen and I.

I eventually made my way to the beach. I found three chairs together already! I guess it was destiny for Ellen to spend the day with us.

For an hour or so, I was alone. I took in the view. I had to fill up my bank for those cold, Colorado months ahead that were sure to be filled with snow.

Today doesn’t seem to be as hot as yesterday, but it is sunny and warm all day long. Perfection.

A lovely beach waiter comes by and takes my order. It is time for my morning smoothie, so I order a mudslide. I love them because they are creamy and not too sweet and not too alcohol-ly. Carlos turned me on to them a few years ago.

There is a guy parasailing and he is doing some crazy stuff.


This doesn’t make me want to try parasailing at all. He was up there for a while doing stuff like this. Craaaaazy!

Karen comes out and we wonder where Ellen is. She shows up and tells us she was in front of the other building when she finally figured out we must be in front of building 70.

Roberto, the lovely beach waiter comes by and Karen orders a Kir Royale. He brings it in a little plastic tumbler. Champagne doesn’t taste as good in plastic or in tumblers. I think it’s a chemical reaction or something.

He comes by again and Karen wants more champagne and Ellen does too, so I ask Roberto to please bring us a bottle of champagne. He brings the bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and he delites us by bringing proper glass champagne flutes and they even have cherries in them! We are thrilled and reward him with an abundance of tips.

We pour the first glasses and ask him to take our picture.

Then we take pictures of each other. Or maybe we took them before the champagne. The champagne, it makes things fuzzy.

I announce that I am planning to get my drunk on today, and I am getting a good start.

Ellen declares it better than a golf game.



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  1. Love your blog, I am always checking for updates!
    Where did you get the pink bikini? I love it!
    I’ll be in Playa in May, so I’m working on getting in shape….
    More blogs, please….!!

    1. The pink bikini came from Victoria Secret, as do most of my swim suits. They have a black and white version that is very cute. I generally post Sunday and Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

  2. Terrific blog! It’s hilarious that you’re a Lactation Consultant, since I’ve started reading your blog while nursing my new baby girl. Your humorous postings have kept me awake during multiple night feedings. We’ve travelled to Ib Grand hotels for three years in a row now, this year being the exception, given our new addition. The vivid description of your experiences is allowing me to travel vicariously. Many thanks, and please continue the great work!

    1. Thanks! I’m happy to help you get through those night feedings! And Congratulations!

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