Safe Issues and an Italian Dinner

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Karen and I return to the room to get pretty for dinner. There is a note on our door. It says we left valuables out, lying around and we should lock them up in the safe. It was Karen’s iPhone and camera. (I always lock my valuable up).

I try to open the aforementioned safe and it gives me an error message. I always use the same password, so I know I haven’t gotten it wrong, and I try again. Error message. I try again. Well, three is apparently the magic number where it says no more tries, with a good, long beep. I call the concierge and she sends security to open it. He can’t get it open either. Uh oh. He says he has to call his manager. His manager is the head butler. He pulls out his phone and puts in the special code. THAT doesn’t work either. He says they will have to drill it.

WTF? Are you kidding me? I ask him if this has ever happened before. He says no, in four years, it has never happened before. Well, aren’t we the lucky ones? He has to get maintenance to drill our safe. I can’t believe it.

He leaves and then comes back with FOUR other guys. I opened the door, and there are five guys standing there. There is the head butler, the security dude and three maintenance guys. Wow, this is some serious stuff. One maintenance guy comes in and tries another code, AND IT WORKS! They have me lock it and open it to make sure it works. It works just fine.

We are very happy they don’t have to drill holes in our safe.

The regular butler comes and delivers a gift certificate for two half hour massages. Sweeeet! I think we were given this because we are repeat guests, and not because of the safe issue.

Karen meditates on the balcony for a while, recovering from the trauma of the broken safe.


We then get dressed for dinner and take pictures. However, Karen didn’t like her picture and I gave her veto authority, so that’s why there is only a picture of me.


We take the elevator downstairs and it is raining. It is freaking pouring. I can’t recall the reason why, but we walked to the restaurant. I don’t think we wanted to be zipping around in the rain in a golf cart. I was wearing my Manolo Blahniks that I scored at the Nordstrom Rack.

Have I told this story before? Well, if I did, it is an awesome story and bears repeating.

I went into Nordstrom Rack to look for Christmas presents. However, it is required that I take a quick look-see of the shoes whenever I am there. I quickly scanned the rows of shoes. Nothing caught my eye, and I was almost done when I saw this bright pink pair of shoes, and then saw that they were Manolo Blahniks. I literally did a double take. I have NEVER seems MB’s at Nordstrom Rack before.

They were 68% off. And almost my size. (I am a 7 and these were a 7 1/2, which I have been known to fit in, depending on the shoe). I tried them on and then thought, no, I don’t need to be buying designer shoes right before Christmas, regardless of the freaking awesome deal they are. I tried to walk away, but I kept coming back to them and trying them on again and again. They were outrageous. Hot pink, with these enormous bows.

Well, you can see how that story ended.

They are silk and walking on the wet path to the restaurant was getting them wet. I was none too happy about that. They did survive though.

We arrived at Venecia, the Italian restaurant. We were seated and ordered the Antares Sauvignon Blanc to drink. Karen liked it. A lot. I think it became her favorite wine of the trip. She would order it again, and again…and again. It is lovely.

We had a lovely dinner.

There was an amuse bouche.

I had the Caprese Salad and the Lobster and Shrimp Risotto. It was a bit salty, but still very good with big pieces of lobster.

Karen had the lamb, which she said was delicious.

I had the Zabione for dessert, which looked pretty, but was not that good.

We saw Eder a couple of times. This was one of those times when he was all serious. He had a walkie-talkie and was wearing regular clothes. We also saw this guy, who I remembered as being a waiter previously. Now he’s wearing the black suit, which is what the managers wear at night. Guess he got a promotion. Doesn’t he have a great smile? No wonder Karen is cozying up to him.

She thought the menus were cool, so we took a picture of that too. Look out, two crazy ladies loose with a camera!

After dinner we headed over to the jewelry store to see if Abraham was there. Again, he was not. I asked the guy that was working there where Abraham was. He didn’t know who Abraham was and had only been working there three days. The lady that was working there didn’t know who Abraham was either. Awwwwww, bummer.

To drown my sorrows over Abraham’s apparent departure, we went to the Lobby Bar. Humberto was not there. We sat on one of the sofas in the back and I ordered a Kir Royale and Karen ordered a Havana Siete.

I had promised Whiskeykat from Trip Advisor that I would have a Kir Royael for her. Her real name is Mary and Zung and I met her and her husband when we were here in October. I keep my promises and fulfill my obligations.

As you can see, they brought spicy peanuts and popcorn. You know, in case we hadn’t had enough to eat yet.

When we finished our drinks we decided to head back to the room. We saw Antonio, the bell boy and he took our picture. We were comparing shoes.


Pffffftt. No comparison. But Antonio’s shoes gave me a run for my money.



He gave us a ride back to our room. Karen and I sat on the balcony and talked, enjoying the sound of the ocean.

After a day like today my soul was feeling well fed.



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  1. Love your blog! Thank you for all the information. My husband and I will be spending a week at the Grand in mid May – can’t wait!!! Are the room safes big enough for a laptop?

    1. Thank you. I love writing it!
      Yes, I believe we have put a laptop in the safe.

  2. Love the shoes and the story!! Your pics of the Italian Restaurant make me sad we didn’t try it- but I will definitely put it on my dinner card next January. 🙂 By the way- when does Iberostar usually come out with their rates? I know last year I was unable to book until sometime in the spring, but I was hoping that was some kind of fluke- with airfare being so ridiculous, it would be nice to be able to book my flight when it first comes out at $500pp rather than in a few months when it jumps up to $700+!!!!!!!! I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to, though…..

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