Eder and Yoga

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Karen and I returned to the beach. We see Eder there. Eder is a Star Friend that she and I met when we were here in August 2010. He’s usually a goof-ball. He is now assistant manager of the Star Friends or something, which apparently makes him more serious. He can been seen in the evenings in  (he cleans up nicely). Still very friendly, but definitely more serious.

He was not being very serious this afternoon though. I asked Karen to take our picture. As she was taking it she asked him if he could pick me up (I have no idea why), and as quick as she asked, he was swooping me up.

We all had a good laugh over that.

Karen and I talked and drank and drank and talked.

We planned to go to 4:30 yoga. When it was about 4, we headed off to the pool to find out when and where exactly it would be. It was advertised as Yoga on the Beach, but the beach encompasses a very large area and when I’d been here in October I hadn’t found it. We again saw Eder and he said it would be right there in the middle, near the pool, at 4:30.

We haven’t had a drink in, oh, I don’t know, 5 or 10 minutes, so we decided to wait for the yoga class at the pool bar. As we walked over we saw Carlos. We hug. This is when I ask him about Daniel. He is carrying a pink drink that Karen thinks looks yummy. She asks him what is the name of it and what is in it. I can’t remember what the name of it was, but it was sin alcohol.

Karen and I took a place at the pool bar and she ordered the pink drink and asked if they could add some alcohol. Well, of course they could. What a silly question. I have a Coco Loco. My drink is ok, but Carlos makes it better and Karen says her drink tastes like Pepto Bismol.

We miss Daniel.

We see Ellen and Pods from the night before. We chat, and she joins us for yoga. It is just the three of us for the class. Eduardo is teaching. He taught the class I went to in October and it was a non-demanding, resort type yoga class. My teacher at home kicks our asses, so I knew this wasn’t going to be challenging. But it was better than nothing.

I usually get into my yoga. That didn’t happen this time. OMG! Karen wouldn’t shut up. She was making comments comparing it to Pilates, and grumbling and complaining. I tried to ignore her, but that didn’t work. I finally said, “Would you shut up?!” (You can only talk to your very BFF like that). That not only didn’t work, Ellen joined in with the comments. And they kept it up the entire class.

Karen says she doesn’t like yoga. Actually, I think she says she hates yoga. Well, now I know why. She doesn’t shut up long enough to enjoy it! (She loves Pilates. I hate Pilates. I guess we are a case of opposites attract.)

We say good-bye to Ellen. We take a walk over to the front of Building 71. We check out the newly glassed-in arch.

And I want to cry.

It looks awful. And they have hacked away at the concrete to do it. Who makes these decisions? Someone had told us they did it because when it rains the concierge desk gets wet. Well, buy them an umbrella or a rain poncho or something. This is criminal.

I now that they are not finished, but there is nothing more they can do that is going to make this better. It’s just awful.

We walk through the travesty, to the beach, and notice there are some beach beds, and one of them has a canopy. I wonder how early people get up to reserve that? Sorry, I didn’t take pictures.

We head back to our room to get ready for dinner. I take a moment to enjoy the, as yet, un-molested view from our heaven’s gate.

It had been a good day. There was still the evening to be enjoyed. Dresses and shoes to be chosen. Jewelry to be picked out. More drinks to be had and yummy food to be eaten, hell to be raised,  and trouble to get in. Basically, the perfect girlfriend’s vacation.


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  1. That is so upsetting!! Really? Are they going to do that awful thing to building 70, too? Ugh…now I’m depressed….Sorry for disrupting the yoga, girlfriend- but Karen was HILARIOUS with her comments and I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂 Funniest yoga class ever. I promise not to giggle if we ever have the opportunity to do it together again-

    1. You two were incorrigible!
      Yes, unfortunately, we were told they are going to do the same thing to Building 70. It makes me want to cry.

  2. It’s so sad to see them closing in the OF lobbies like that. That view is well was lovely, glad I got lots of pics of it the way it was. Edar is great he’s remembered my name from the 1st time I was there in 2009 and loves to harass my friend’s father-in-law and rope him into pool games.


  3. I’m incredibly disappointed that they are closing in the archways in both OF buildings. The dark frame is soo ugly and I can’t believe they put it right down the center of the arch. I always felt like I was walking into a postcard and nothing could beat that warm breeze. It was so breathtaking that it was hard to resist taking pictures of it every trip. What a shame!

    A, thanks for preparing all of us!

  4. I too can’t believe they closed in the arch, what idiot came up with that idea ??? Holy Crap !!

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