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Karen came out to the beach around 11’ish. She had on a very cute cover-up. She’s so cute, all color coordinated.

We did our bikini babes photo shoot. However, Karen didn’t like the picture I took of her and made me crop it.

Me? I loved this new swim suit and wanted LOTS of pictures of it. It used to take me forever to find a swim suit that I liked. Since I discovered Victoria Secret’s swim suits, it takes me forever to CHOOSE which one I like the most. This is definitely one of my all time favorites.

Next up was a visit to Daniel, my favorite Pool Bartender. I met Daniel when we were here in August 2011. At that time, he was bar tending at the Lobby Bar. Zung, Karen and I sat down at his bar and I asked to try every rum he had. I will never forget the way he looked at me. He ended up giving me the four best rums. I then switched to Havana and Coke and my glass did not go empty the rest of the night. The last night of that trip was the first time he made me a cucumber mojito.

It seems to always work out that other people who know about my obsession with cucumber mojitos come to the Grand right before I do and let him know I am arriving soon so he can stock up on cucumbers. If you want to try a cucumber mojito, please know that not all the bartenders know how to make them and they do not stock cucumbers normally. Daniel will get them if you ask, but it may take some time. Ask nicely, be patient and tip well!

I was jonesing for a Daniel cucumber mojito. I make them at home. But they are like everything else, it always tastes better when someone else makes it for you.Especially when that someone else is Daniel.

Karen and I walked to the Pool Bar. However, Daniel was nowhere to be seen.

I asked one of the other bartenders where he was.

He told me Daniel was off today (Friday) and tomorrow! What the hell? I would later learn from Carlos that Daniel had not had a day off the previous week, so he was given two this week. Seriously? The week that I am here?

I was temporarily grumpy. Who would make my cucumber mojitos? Carlos knew how (he’d asked Daniel what his secret drink for me was when I was here in October). But he was beach waitering in front of Building 71 and I was to comfy in front of my own building to move down the beach.

Denied my cucumber mojito, Karen and I did what any smart women would do. We went to lunch.

Karen dreams about the humongous prawns (aka giant shrimp) they have at the Las Brisa lunch buffet. I can’t tell you if Bella Vista was open for lunch because I never checked. The view from Las Brisa is just too freaking awesome to miss. (This particular picture was taken during a previous trip – but it is awesome, is it not?)

Karen went to the buffet and procured her prawns. Yes, that is pepper on the tomatoes. This girl likes it spicy.

Karen and I both had been dreaming of the delicious, crispy, tender french fries. We ordered a plate of those. We specified “hot and fresh”. What we got was a pile of hot, fresh, thin sticks that were reminiscent of Micky D’s. What the hell is up with that? They were awful. We were horribly disappointed.

Fortunately, I ordered the tournedos AND grilled lobster, so I did not go hungry.

I’d spent the morning feeding my soul. It was now time to feed my body. Hey, a girl works up an appetite laying on the beach for a couple of hours!

I have dessert too, which has the dual function of feeding both body and soul.

I see my buddy Alfonso, the waiter from our last trip. (That’s when this picture was taken)

He asks where Zung is, and I say what I will repeat many times on this trip, he’s not here, it’s a girlfriends trip. I love that the staff ask about him. It tells me that they really do remember us.

But then again, I’m memorable. Good reasons or bad, I’m memorable. (I was definitely memorable this trip – I raised all kinds of hell).

It had been a lovely lunch. Karen had Havana Siete and I had the Antares Sauvignon Blanc. We were doing some serious talking.

A to die for view, good food (french fries notwithstanding), drinks, girl talk. We were in heaven.



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