Feeding My Soul and My Second Rock Star Moment

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When we woke up I peeked outside. Yep. It was a beautiful day in paradise. A day to work on my tan. A day to become one with the beach and ocean. A day to gaze at the ocean and feed my soul. After this trip, I didn’t know when I would be back. I needed to make sure my soul was well fed before I left.

It was going to be a day of reunions. Daniel knew I was coming, but Lounge Chair did not. He’s a chair. How was he to know?

In honor of my husband, I took a Zungrise picture (for the newbies, that is a picture of the morning sun, taken by those of us not motivated enough to take a sunrise picture – hey, I’m on vacation, getting up early is not on my agenda).

This was my view in the morning.

Be still my heart.

Let’s all take a moment to be thankful that this view exists.

The Big Bang was an awesome event, was it not?

Pictures taken, the next order of the day was breakfast. Karen’s routine was coffee, running (well, that’s what she called it when she arrived, but we established it was really walking, so she called it power walking – hey, she’s on vacation, she can call it whatever she wants), and then juice.

My routine is breakfast, a brisk walk out to the beach and ordering a drink as soon as possible.

My preferred breakfast destination was Bella Vista. I would soon discover, without Alex and without Zung, it wasn’t as much fun. Alex is a waiter who was one of my favorites, but he left before my October 2011 trip. Apparently moved to Baja. What the hell is in Baja?

I told Karen I would meet her on the beach when she got done with her exercise stuff. I headed to Bella Vista. As I walked past the pool a gentleman approached me. “Are you Andrea?”

God, I love being a rock star.

He was Tim Cooper from Canada. We chat. He is here with his wife (who joins us at the end of our chat), and it is their last day, after two weeks (soooo lucky). They had to stay at Secrets Maroma because the entire Grand had been booked the previous week by a group of veterinarians from Mexico, and they had brought their kids. Because they had booked the entire hotel, the kids had been part of the package.

Oh, the indignities my poor Lounge Chair must have suffered! Kids! They probably jumped all over him.

I asked Tim what he thought of Secrets Maroma compared to the Grand. He said they are really two very different resorts, but overall he preferred the Grand.

Tim and Doreen Cooper from Canada.

I said good-bye and good travels and headed into Bella Vista. I had crepes (sorry, I took a bite before the picture), bacon, fruit and a croissant. I can’t remember who my waiter was, but he brought my tea promptly. Obviously, we did not bond. I was still getting over Alex leaving.

I had my iPad with me, but the WiFI still was not reaching Bella Vista, as it had in the past. After breakfast I went to the Lobby Bar and ordered a Mimosa. There is WiFi there. My Mimosa was good, but I’m pretty sure they just wave the o.j. over the glass to give it some color. It will only be when they wave the bottle of champagne over the glass that they will get a complaint from me.

I check my email, play Words With Friends and make a couple Live From posts on my blog and Trip Advisor.

Back to the room. Check the Pool Bar – no Daniel. I am not worried because sometimes he does not come in until 10 or 11 and I know he always works on Fridays. (Daniel is my favorite).

I put on my new Victoria Secret bathing suit. Sunscreen. Jewelry. I put a bottle of water in my bag, reading material and I was good to go.

It is hot and sunny.

There he is. He is sooooo glad to see me. I am just as happy (if not happier) to see him. We have a joyous reunion.

My beloved Lounge Chair.

He whispers, “Mi especial.” He tells me he likes the new bikini. I tell him I got it just for him. He asks who has accompanied me this time. I tell him it’s a Girlfriend’s weekend. He purrs and says, “We are going to have fun mi amor.”

I love Lounge Chair.

A wonderful beach waiter comes by, bright and early, to take my drink order. I order a Mudslide. It’s practically a smoothie, which qualifies it as a health drink.

It’s got fruit hanging off of it. It’s definitely a health drink.

I people watch for a bit. I even go in the water. The sun is hot and the cool water feels refreshing. Not good enough to completely immerse myself, but I get wet enough to cool off.

I go back to Lounge Chair. I see a sight that does not freak me out any more. It is a group of Federales walking down the beach, machine guns and all.

If you haven’t been to Mexico, or if you have, and haven’t seen this yet, it’s not a big deal. It happens all the time. Sometimes it’s the Policia. Different country, different customs. I had to chuckle to myself when I saw some babes in bikinis asking the Federales to pose for pictures. And they did. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

I try to read. But the ocean keeps pulling my attention away. This was the moment when I asked myself, why do I live by the mountains, when it is the ocean that feeds my soul? It speaks to me. It tells me, if you lived here, I would feed your soul every day.

I sigh deeply. I put my book back in the bag. And I feed my soul.


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  1. What a perfect way to start off my Sunday…it would be perfect-er if I, too were holding down that chair next to you…or even the next one down! I’m not picky 🙂 It happens to be the first day of 0 degree weather here in Michigan and even though it’s been “balmy” here this winter, NOTHING is better than that view from the beach chair!!! Enjoy ~ Cheers!

  2. Hola Andrea,

    Looks like you had a great time once again at the Grand, did you warn everyone we’re right behind you and will be there in 3 weeks???? lol
    When we were there in November we had room 7045 just a couple doors down from your room this trip and your right, there’s not a better view on the property then from these rooms.
    We also took a trip over to the model home on the Iberostate property when we were there in November and we enjoyed seeing the golf course & getting an idea of what it’s going to be like when the condos are built.
    Thanks for your reports and your blog, it keeps us looking forward to our time when we get our week at the Grand.
    One of these days you & Zung will be there the same time Laurie & I are and we will get to share a couple of chocolate martinis & some stories together.

    Dave & Laurie

    1. Have a great time Dave and Laurie! Tell Daniel and Humberto I said hello! Yes, we will indeed have to share a couple drinks if we are ever there at the same time. Or, if you ever find yourself in Colorado, let me know and we can all meet for drinks here!

      1. I’ll let them & your lounger know you miss them…lol
        Our friends that we go to Mexico with in November every year also
        live in Colorado so don’t be surprised if the 4 of us meet you for drinks

      2. That would be very cool!

      3. Andrea,

        Have they ever updated the wine list ?
        We had a hard time figuring out what restaurant had what wine & room service had complety different wines when we were there last .
        They were discontinuing some of the wines and adding new ones, I just wanted to check if they have finalized a new list.


      4. Yes they did. I ave pictures of it. I will email them to you.

      5. That would be great…..Thanks !

  3. Hi Andrea,
    The pictures are beautiful, expecially on a chilly NY morning! It makes me long for the turquoise water and warm sun. By the way, your bikini rocks!! Can’t wait to hear more:)

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