Dinner, Lobby Bar and First Rock Star Moment

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These are my newest shoes. They are Jimmy Choos. I am a Jimmy Choo virgin no longer. They were purchased in Washington DC the weekend before. We were in the shuttle, driving down Wisconsin Ave, en route from the airport, to the Hyatt in Bethesda. There are shops on either side and I am checking out the Washington DC/Bethesda shopping scene.

Then I see it. I point. And gasp! It’s a Jimmy Choo store. A whole store! A whole, freakin’ store! Just a short taxi ride from our hotel. I didn’t have any Jimmy Choo’s. I have never found a pair that was comfortable enough to drop that much money on.

That was all going to change. This trip just got soooo much better.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, I worked out. Then I put on my Manolo Blahniks (I wanted the salesperson to know I could “hang”), and Zung and I caught a taxi to the Jimmy Choo store. OMG! It was so much fun. I went in and first, looked at all the shoes. Excuse me, I need a napkin for my drooling. Then I told the sales girl I was going to try on ” a lot” and did she want them all or should I just give her a few? She said to go for it, until I got to about 5 or 6 pairs. Then she told me she would get started. She made several runs.

I tried on at least a dozen pairs. Zung helped me choose and the above photographed shoes were the winners. I think they are a kind of “sexy secretary” look. Of course they got to go to Mexico. Honest truth — these shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day at work.

These shoes would get to go to our first dinner at the Grand.

We dressed. We went down to the concierge and asked for a ride to the Japanese restaurant. We compared shoes. Mine are cuter.

I had made all our dinner reservations by email a couple of weeks before. They did not have our reservation, but they seated us anyway. We requested to sit at a “regular” table, as opposed to the tempanyaki tables. That can be fun, but often makes for a long dinner and I wanted to get to the Lobby Bar.

We ordered champagne. We would drink a lot of champagne on this trip.



I had the Tuna Sashimi and Karen got some kind of rolls (crab with salmon and fresh cheese).

I enjoyed my sashimi. Karen enjoyed my sashimi more than she enjoyed her rolls.

We both enjoyed our entrees, but failed to take pictures. I had the Grilled Lemon Beef Filet and Oyster Sauce with the fried rice. Karen had the Stew Lobster with Pineapple and Red Curry.

I had the Mango Sashimi and Rice and Imperial Milk (I only eat the mango and other fruit and chocolate sticks, I don’t like the rice things- they have a weird texture and I have texture issues). I asked our waitress first if the mango was good. She said it was, and she was right. It was moist and sweet and yummy. Mmmmmmmm.


We took some pictures of two fine, middle aged chicas on our way out.


And then we were off to the Lobby Bar. I was hoping for an Humberto and Chocolate Martini reunion.

We saw Ahleli as we walked in and said hello. She asked where Zung was and I said it was a girlfriends weekend and she said there was a party in the bar every night.

We sat at the bar. Humberto was not there. Perfecto was bartending tonight. Karen ordered a Siete on ice and I ordered a Siete neat. I asked Perfecto where Humberto was and he said in the Theatre. I asked him to let Humberto know I was there. He called him and told me he would be out to see me.

We were having a good time.

A couple came up to me and she introduced herself. They were Ellen and Ken aka “Pods”, from New Jersey. She had sent me a message on Trip Advisor telling me they’d be there at the same time and she reads my blog.

Rock Star moment!

They sat down with us and we all ordered Chocolate Martini’s.

They looked so nice. And Perfecto is an excellent bartender. Very nice and takes good care of everyone. But his Chocolate Martinis sucked. They were not good at all.

Where’s Humberto?

I asked Perfecto to call him again (I was going to end up being very high maintenance on this trip).

Humberto came out, behind the bar. He saw me and ran around to see me. I jumped up and gave him a big hug. Karen, bless her heart, got it all on camera.

(He kind of looks like he’s thinking, “Oh no! The crazy lady is back”, doesn’t he?)

We chatted with Pods and Ellen. Well, mostly Pods. He was dissing Tim Tebow and I was telling him why he was wrong. Finally, he said to me, if Tim Tebow takes the Broncos to the Superbowl next year and wins, he would take me to New York and buy me a pair of shoes.

Bring it on baby, bring it on!

I made sure to write down his name so I can collect. As we were leaving he asked how much the shoes would be. He seemed relieved that they were generally under $1000 and not $20,000. I should have asked for 2 pairs of shoes!

Karen and I return to the room. My key card does not work because I have placed it in my bag with my phone and that deactivates it. A word to the wise, keep your phone and your room card separated.

There was an apple confection from Apple for us. Karen didn’t want any and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I ate them both.

They had also drawn us a bubble bath.

Karen thought the rose petals were a nice touch. I kind of thought it was a little weird drawing a bath for two women who had a room with double beds.

I told Karen the bubbles would throw up and she got in so I could take pictures.

See how one to two minutes of jacuzzi jets multiply the bubbles?

What can I say? We were toasted.

And having the best freakin’ girlfriends getaway ever!

I don’t think we stopped talking the entire weekend (except when we slept). And we had a good buzz going that we maintained all weekend long.

Tomorrow would bring another Rock Star moment and NO DANIEL : (


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  1. We all had a bath that night!! They must have been on a crazy tear with rose petals and bubble bath. 🙂 Thanks for letting me try on your UNcomfortable shoes, girlfriend- now I know when we go Tebow shopping I’ll need a size 10 instead of my usual 7. LOL. And i really liked Perfecto’s Chocolate ‘tini! REALLY!!!

  2. Oh- one other thing- GO GIANTS!!! 🙂

  3. Oh baby, if those shoes were uncomfortable, then any shoes in my stable would be too. But I didn’t start out in shoes like that. It took training. And tell Pods – the youngest winning quarterback was Ben Roethlisberger. Ummm, I’m willing to wait a year or a few for Timmy to grow and learn. He’s somebody I’d want my boys to look up to. It may not be next year, but it will be worth the wait. And THAT’S worth a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

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