Overcast, cold, last day

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It was the day we had to go home, go back to reality, back to work and cafeteria food and cooking my own dinners. No Daniel to make my Cucumber Mojitos. No Humberto to make my Chocolate Martinis. No butler to draw my bubble bath in the middle of the day.

Is there somewhere I can sign up for permanent vacation? The lottery thing hasn’t panned out so far.

When we peeked outside, it didn’t look too bad. In fact, it didn’t look bad at all.

What is it they say about looks can be deceiving? Hurricane Rina was going to play a bit of havoc with our plans for our last day.

We went to breakfast at Bella Vista. Zung had his last omelet. Tomorrow it would be back to oatmeal for him.

I had something new. They were making crepes this vacation, so I had a crepe with some Nutella chocolate hazelnut sauce. It was pretty tasty, but cold. And of course my daily serving of bacon.

Zung declared it a perfect vacation. Looks like I had my morning Mimosa at breakfast today (see right, lower corner of pic).

Someone (I think it was whiskeykat), referred to their petit size as “fun- size”. Zung loved this term and it was how he referred to the hostesses. As we were leaving, he said he wanted to get a picture with the fun-sized women.

As I was taking this picture, Alejandro, the manager, came running over for a picture with me. This guy is such a riot.

I can’t wait to see him next time.

We went to the beach. The clouds were rolling in.

I explained to Lounge Chair that I was leaving for a while. He tried to put up a brave front, but he really didn’t take it well.

The waves were big and crashing.

I gave it a valiant effort, but it was freaking cold.

When the going gets cold, the cold go shopping.

We headed over to the shopping center. We picked up gifts for the kids. We ran into Allison and Brent. The day before I had mentioned that some weather was coming in and today she commented that I had been “kind” in that description. She had heard it was a hurricane. (I hadn’t wanted to worry her because I know first hand how these storms can take a sudden turn in a different direction). We wished them luck and eventually found ourselves at the Iberostate Information Center.

We went in and looked at the display. We talked to the saleswoman. She asked if we wanted a tour of the model. I didn’t think we had time but she offered to drive us back to our room when we were done. Zung wanted to see it, so we hopped in her golf cart and we were off.

To get to the model and the area where the houses and condos will be build, you go under  307 via a tunnel that was just wide enough for one golf cart. She said there will be a special beach club just for Iberostate residents and you can get passes for the hotels to use their restaurants. pools, etc.

It was on the gold course and looks like it will be beautiful.

The model home was impressive. It was huge and spacious.

Outside the master bedroom (which was on the first floor) was a large jacuzzi. The saleswoman said it was called the “romantic area”.

There may have also been an outdoor shower, but I can’t be sure since I didn’t take a picture of it.

There was a pool and outside the upstairs bedrooms, another jacuzzi.

It was beautiful, but at around $850,000, quite a bit out of our price range. Even if they do throw in a golf cart for “free”. The condos are a lot less expensive, but a lot smaller too. They don’t yet have models of those. She said they expect to be open in Spring 2013. Although, bear in mind that Mexico construction tends to be notoriously late.

She drove us back to our room and gave us her card. It was not a hard sell. She knew we were leaving and there just wasn’t time.

We checked out with the concierge. The bell boy was waiting for us. We sent him off with our bags and then went to Las Brisa for one last lunch.

There were lots of chefs milling about, helping guests. That was a new thing at the buffets this time.

Zung had shrimp fajitas and I had the tournedos with french fries. Yum.

Alfonso came over to chat. He’d been our breakfast waiter several times. He was pretty business-like the first morning, but definitely warmed up over the week.

There was time for one last Cuke Mo with Daniel.

Not a bad view that he has as he works.

It was a fairly quiet day, but he still kept busy. We chatted about the music. There was something playing that I thought would make me want to slit my wrists. He said they rotated the music selection, which was an improvement because they used to play the same thing over and over again. He could tell the time by what was playing. I would say overall, the music had improved.

We said good-bye to Daniel and I told him I hoped to return in January.

Daniel is definitely my favorite, especially when he has a bottle of Havana Siete in his hand.

We went to the lobby to wait for our ride from Cancun Valet.

When we got to the airport it was raining and Dave, our favorite Frontier flight attendant told us it was a good things we were leaving today. He said they had filled 60 seats at the last minute with people trying to get out early. It was pouring rain as we took off. Fortunatley, Hurricane Rina did not fit the area directly.

This trip report has come to an end, just in time for a new adventure. This had been the best vacation ever! But tomorrow I leave for my annual girlfriend’s getaway with Karen. Be sure and check back for that trip report!


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  1. Thanks for another great read. I hope you have a great Getaway with Karen and I’m looking forward to that report.
    Only 7 1/2 weeks until we are back at Palaya Paraiso (for our 12th visit ) !

  2. Love your shirt on the last day. Where did you get it?

    1. Elizabeth – I think I got that shirt from Nordstrom Rack.

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