Drinks, Dinner at Venecia with Eduardo

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I put my top back on and we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. The maid had decorated our bed with a towel sculpture and flower petals, one last time.

Once we were dressed for dinner, we headed off to the Lobby Bar, one last time. Although Humberto was not there (and I honestly can’t remember who was), we saw the couple from Chicago that had been in the water with me earlier in the day, there was a couple from Colorado and Caradon and Sharifa were there. Everyone was having an awesome time.

Me? Honestly, I was stressing about some stuff back home, so this was not the most relaxing evening for me.

When it was time, we went to Venecia and requested Eduardo as our waiter. Eduardo is a sweetie.  Unfortunately, he told us that he was moving to the new (sort of) Iberostar Cancun. It’s actually a repurposed hotel. It has not been getting rave reviews. And it allows kids, so I probably won’t be staying there until I take the grandchildren that I don’t have yet. We enjoyed what may be our last dinner with Eduardo. We wished him well.

Dinner was good. They had a special menu of chef’s specials. That was something new. I ordered off that menu.

We were brought an amuse bouche.

It was different that what they have had in years past. It was come creamy yumminess.

It has been too long for me to remember specifics about dinner. I remember it was good.

Pictures show that there was a dessert.

After dinner we went back to the room.

I took such good notes at the beginning of our week, but the reality is that it is towards the end of the vacation that I need good notes because so much time has passed since the events.  I will try to do better when I am there, in three days!

I was keeping an eye on the hurricane. I was pretty sure we would get out in time, but I was worried about some of the people that we had met. It all turned out okay in the end, but our day of departure was not a good beach day.We did, however, discover the mystery about the Iberostate properties being on the other side of 307.

There will be one more blog post before I leave. Pictures of the Iberostate to come!



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