Going Topless – First Time Ever!

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I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but we heard that a hurricane was starting to form in the Gulf. Hurricane Rina. Daniel made jokes about it, but I started watching it on Weather Underground. It didn’t look like it would hit before we left, but it bore watching.

Zung and I headed off to lunch. I had a glass of white wine and tournedos. Zung had shrimp fajitas.


Zung was yummin’ on his food too.

It was going to be hard to go back to leftovers and cafeteria food for lunch after this week. And the whole, can’t drink until 5 o’clock. What’s up with that?

I had the rest of today and tomorrow to enjoy “vacation allowed misbehavior”.

And I was definitely thinking about some misbehaving. I had been tossing around the idea of going topless on this trip. I’ve never done it before. I frankly think way too much is made of it. They are breasts, for goodness sake. Their purpose is feeding babies. But people get all hysterical about it and it creates endless debate on the forums.

I remember when we were on a family vacation at the Lindo and Susie decided that she wanted to go topless. However, she didn’t want to do it in front of her brothers and her dad. And she didn’t want to do it alone. So she and I went off to the water’s edge and she took off her top. I was just there for moral support.

There was a lady next to us with her two young teenaged or possibly pre-teen daughters. When she saw Susie take off her top, she took of hers. OMG! The shrieking from her daughters.


I thought, if people didn’t notice before, they sure would after all that noise. The mom threw her top back on to stop the cacophony. But a bit later, when she went to tie her top back on and it slipped and she showed some breast, they started shrieking again. For heaven’s sake girls, get over it!

So, this idea was brewing. I wasn’t sure how many mojitos it would take for it to happen though.

We went back to the beach, where we ran in to Carlos. He was our beach waiter today. He asked what he could bring me to drink. I told him that Daniel made me a special drink and I was going to wait for that.

Carlos and I have been buds for years now and he looked at me like, “What?”

He said, “I will have to find out Daniel’s secret.” (Psssst, Carlos! Daniel has many secrets).

Later when I saw him, he told me that Daniel had told him how to make Cuke Mo’s and he was ready whenever I wanted one. But I only had today and tomorrow to enjoy Daniel’s Cuke Mo’s, so I was saving myself.

And for sure, I was NOT going to go topless while Carlos was coming by. I know him and I’d see him again and I didn’t want to embarrass him. Plus, there were two older couples on either side of us, and I was thinking the wives probably wouldn’t appreciate it either.

My top stayed on. For now.

We eventually made our way to the pool bar to visit with Daniel and have some Cucumber Mojitos. We inquired about his day off. He had taken his girlfriend to the beach, but he said it had been windy, so they had not stayed long.

We took some pictures. (Note the rum floater on my drink).


Nobody makes Cucumber Mojitos like Daniel does.

Zung stuck with water.

Daniel came out from behind the bar for a couple of pictures.

This was DEFINITELY a “she’s had a few” picture.

Yea. Good times.

I was drinking my courage.

Back to our chairs on the beach. It was late enough that Carlos was done coming around. Everyone was pretty much gone. It was time to discard my top.

Ha! You didn’t think I was actually going to show a picture of anything scandalous, did you? This is a family friendly blog. Sort of.

I even went into the water.

God, I hope nobody was sitting on their balcony when I did that.

I could say I did something I’d never done before, for my 51st birthday trip. It’s always a good thing to do new things.

The weather was threatening though.

Our weather luck was about to run out.


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  1. I love it!

  2. Yummy !
    ( I love the salasa . )

    Oh ! … “The” Picture …….You Teaser !!!

  3. We weren’t sitting on our balcony ….we were standing and taking photos of the incredible view from our balcony. There were two people in the water. Our conversation went something like this:
    Brent: “I think that’s Andrea and Zung”
    Alison: “Is it? I can’t tell. They’re too far away.”
    Brent: “No, I think it is.”
    Alison: “I’m going inside to make a drink. Here, use the zoom on the camera. You might be able to see better.”
    Brent sticks his head inside the room.
    Alison: “Well?”
    Brent: “Oh, that was them. I think I just got to know Andrea a little better.”

    Welcome to the club 🙂

    1. Allison – color me embarrassed! So glad I didn’t know he saw me when I saw ou guys the next day. That is just too funny!

  4. I think I have a few pics where you two are in the water. Dont’ worry, it’s all completely “PG”! …were taking photos of the view, not “your view” 😉 I don’t know how to post them here. Send me an email address if you want them and I can send them along (do you automatically get my email when I comment?). Have a great time on your current vacation!

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