Another Rock Star Moment

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Another beautiful day in paradise. The weather had been awesome. I feel torn about going again in October. There have been three hurricanes that have either hit or come close right around my birthday in the last five years. However, the two years that I’ve come, the weather has been awesome. It was downright chilly in the morning and the evenings. Possibly the coldest I’ve ever experienced in Mexico. Then we’d lay in the sun and it was warm and sunny and gorgeous.

Off to Bella Vista we went for breakfast.

Zung is nothing if not consistent.

I ordered off the menu, sort of. There is a Benedict with salt cod (whatever that is). I said, please just give me the toast (actually, it was more like a pancake), eggs and hollandaise. Lots of hollandaise. I’ll drink some red wine later to counteract the effects.


The newspaper headline was all about the new quarterbacks with a picture of our very own Tim ¬†(he’s number 15).

If you follow football, you know the Broncos just lost horribly to the New England Pats. But they had a good year with Tim Tebow. He’s young. It’s only his second season. Because of the lock out, he didn’t have an awesome pre-season. The Pats and Brady have won three Superbowls. I think it’s amazing that the Broncos got as far as they did. For anyone who says it was luck? Well, you don’t get to the playoffs on just luck alone. I think this young man has big things ahead. I’m proud of our season and I’m really proud of Tim Tebow, who keeps it all in perspective.

On this particular Monday, we were very happy with the results of the game.

We did our usual Lobby Bar stop for Mimosa’s and email.

We took some pictures of the sparkling ocean.

Zung goes for a run. Because of the “heart attack trip”, I always watch closely how long he is gone. He comes back around the time I expect him.

I go in the ocean and Zung gets some really good pics.

It’s a little cold.


Better take the sunglasses off.

And then I go back for more.


Ohhhh! Got me good!


There was a couple from Chicago that joined me out there. They said they figured if I was in, it must not be too cold. It wasn’t, once you got in. It’s always the getting in that takes a few deep breaths.

Then I got out.

When I got back to our chairs, the woman who was sitting next to us said to me, “Are you Andrea?”

I LOVE being famous! Or at least notorious.

She was Allison, of Allison and Brent, from Cananda. She read my blog. It helped her choose the Grand. Hellllloooo! Grand GM, are you reading this?

This trip was drawing to a close, but there were still more¬† Mo’s and going topless to be experienced.

Hey, I had to do something new and different for my 51st.


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  1. Hey that’s me! …the rather pale one sitting next to you! That was such a beautiful morning, although not the most breathtaking one of our trip. That particular honour belongs to the morning after Rina.
    (do I dare admit how excited I am to make the blog?).

    1. Hi Alison! It was so nice meeting you. I’m so glad the weather turned out okay for you. And I’m thrilled that you’re happy to be mentioned!

  2. ::Sigh::

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